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Lil Wayne Slots app for Android, not iPhone

Those of you who enjoying playing free slot machines on Android have something rather exciting to play this week. Lil Wayne Slots: Free Slots for Android has just launched but unfortunately we can’t say the same to those looking for Lil Wayne Slots on iPhone and Android.

In a somewhat surprising turn of events, this is a rare high profile app that has launched on Android first as a priority, when usually it is Android users who are often kept waiting while iOS users have all of the fun.

This time though, it is available on Android first and you can grab it right now from the Google Play Store. It features his video vixens on some of the tables, while it will switch between locations such as New Orleans, LA and Chicago too.


So far, there has been a very positive reaction to Lil Wayne’s app, as we can already see that the reviews have been good with plenty of 5-star ratings from consumers who are happy to finally get a free slots game on Android.

The question is why isn’t this available on iPhone or iPad yet? It will be interesting to see whether this is still in the pipeline, or if the app if going to be exclusive to Android.

Android owners, let us know if you have already tried the Lil Wayne Slots app and what you think about it so far. iPhone owners, are you disappointed that Lil Wayne hasn’t shown you any love?



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