GTA V story DLC pressure after trademark

By Alan Ng - May 22, 2014

The latest update for GTA is already out and with GTA V 1.14 on the horizon next with the GTA V Heists release date, you may be forgiven for forgetting that Rockstar is yet to release any major GTA V DLC for story mode.

Rockstar are famous for delivering quality expansions to their GTA story modes, but coming up to 10 months since release we have not heard a single thing on when we could be seeing the first content.

This week, we bring you some interesting news that Take-Two, publishers of GTA V have trademarked something called ‘City Stories’. The trademark has been filed as of May 15 so we could be seeing early evidence of something that may be scheduled for an official announcement over the course of E3 2014 which kicks off at the start of June.

Now, the term City Stories will immediately be familiar to GTA veterans. That’s because Rockstar in the past has released several GTA titles such as GTA Vice City Stories and GTA Liberty City Stories on the original PSP and then later again on PS2 and PS3.

With this in mind, we could be seeing Rockstar announce something such as “GTA Los Santos City Stories”, or something similar for the PS Vita. A GTA V PS Vita game has been in huge demand and you can easily see a GTA game on PS Vita becoming a massive success in terms of helping Sony shift more PS Vita hardware.

Then again, City Stories could be something entirely different. It may be linked to the upcoming GTA V story DLC, which would be logical considering it has been 10 months since the game launched without any additional story content.

Rockstar love keeping fans waiting though without saying anything, as we have seen with the wait for the GTA Online Heists release. The trademark is there in black and white though, so let us know what you think it could mean and what you would personally like to see happen.

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  • Ikechi Onyenaka

    There is a GTA SA Vita petition out there. It’s close to 1,400 signatures. More people should support it.

  • Nicky

    Highly doubt that it would be possible (even with lowered graphics) to fit something like GTA V into PS Vita

  • I’m not sure if I would buy any DLC from R* at this point. R* is now driven by Wall Street greed, not a desire to serve its loyal fanbase. The priority with GTA Online is selling shark cards, not enhancing player enjoyment.

    • Dez E.

      Are the 2 mutually exclusive? I mostly agree with you, but Rockstar pushes out some awesome titles.

      • Rockstar certainly released some great titles over the years. That’s why I became such a fan. Online could have been great, but instead, it was released half done and broken.

        • DF

          and if Rockstar made you wait until online was finished, you’d be bitching about that too, I’d bet.

        • You must be a special kind of stupid if you are okay with how R* handled the release of online.

  • Jahzeel Gutierrez

    I think GTA liberty city stories would be awesome in the GTA 5 story dlc