COD: Ghosts voice DLC live on PS4, PS3

- May 22, 2014

The Call of Duty: Ghosts Snoop Dogg voice pack DLC has just gone live on PSN, so PS4 and PS3 players can download the new content and get the Soap legend pack, 6 new camos, and a lot more. The voice pack is available for PC users as well from today.

Infinity Ward’s Twitter channel mentioned the new content being live in the last 30 minutes, although if you’ve seen the DLC for download longer than that then share a comment below. It is true that Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners have been able to download the COD Ghosts: Snoop Dogg voice pack since April 22nd.

Reactions so far by PSN users haven’t been great overall, especially in direct response to the tweet left by Infinity Ward. You can see that official message below and click to see the tweets by gamers, which seem like people either don’t care or are unhappy about Xbox getting timed exclusives still.

Will you be downloading the new COD: Ghosts voice DLC on PS4 or PS3 today? If you’re skipping this content, then feel free to leave your reason why in the comments.

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  • Josh101

    I really hope no one buys this. The dumbest thing added to a game to date.