360cam from GIROPTIC funded, unlike ex-Apple version

Ever since Street View we have been looking for ways to use such camera technology on a personal level, and while there is currently nothing that offers this sort of thing, there are a few Kickstarter projects that aim to do so.

One such device is the 360cam from GIROPTIC, which is a small panoramic video camera that works much in the same way as the camera on top of Google Street View cars.

Seeing a camera like this is nothing new because a group of ex-Apple employees got together to come up with the Centr Cam, but with just 8 days to go, they are a long way off their target, which to us was far too high in the first place.

However, the 360cam from GIROPTIC is different in the way that its target is $150,000, and with 43 days to go has managed to achieve $228,092, which means the device is now funded.

360cam from GIROPTIC

We have included a video of the World’s First Full HD 360 degree Camera below, as it is far better to see what the device is all about by learning from those who developed it.

Early backers of the device will receive the 360cam in August, and the company expects to start selling the camera in November for about $499.



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