Wolfenstein New Order retro gameplay after easter egg

- May 21, 2014

Watching retro versions of our latest games or finding them inside thanks to easter eggs has become really popular this year, and today we have another treat for those of you playing Wolfenstein: The New Order. You will find some retro Wolfenstein 3D gameplay below this article, and it’s easy to find after visiting the easter egg location shown within the video.

We’ve included a screenshot of the easter egg location above that shows how nice the new Wolfenstein game looks, then below you can see the retro game you can play on a PS4, Xbox One, and other platforms. It is strange seeing such graphics on the latest consoles, but at the same time we just love it!


Will you be hunting down this easter egg for some classic Wolfenstein action in the New Order game? This retro gameplay follows another video we published yesterday, which revealed Watch Dogs being played in retro on Commodore 64. That mode wasn’t playable within Watch Dogs though and is rather something a fan made and published on YouTube.

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