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Surface Pro 3 battery life hours on paper

Microsoft has been unable to make a dent in iPad sales, or any other tablet sales for that matter, and so they made the decision to target laptops with its new Surface Pro 3 instead. We have already looked at how Microsoft aims to take on Apple and its MacBook Air, and one area needing attention is the battery life.

The battery life on the Surface Pro 2 was just less than 8 hours, and this was proven through various tests over the months. However, the Surface Pro 3 battery life hours is said to be up to 9 hours, but this is only on paper, and so has yet to be tested.

We have yet to see a full Surface Pro 3 review, as the media only got a few minutes testing the new devices, but we are sure Microsoft will allow select people to offer a more complete test. Until then we can only assume that the 9 hours is pretty accurate.

Surface Pro 3 battery life

If this figure is correct, then an increase of an hour may not seem like much, but when you consider the extra performance, it is a pretty good achievement. However, these results are not as good as a MacBook Air or Pro, but it is still very good, especially when you consider the Surface Pro 3 is a more unique device.

The Surface Pro 3 release date will be in June for the US and August for the UK, although you can pre-order yours today.

Do you think the Surface Pro 3 battery life of 9 hours is enough, that’s if it is achievable in real-life tests?



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