PS Plus June 2014 update Vs Xbox Live Gold

By Alan Ng - May 21, 2014

It is set to be a massive month for Sony and Microsoft. Aside from both E3 2014 press conferences from either company, we are also due for new content with regards to the PS Plus June 2014 update and Microsoft’s Xbox Live Games with Gold June 2014 update too.

The interesting thing to note, is that Microsoft has not wasted any time. The company has already given Xbox 360 users a full heads-up on what to expect and for the first time, Games with Gold for Xbox One is going live in June as well.

Xbox One owners will receive two free games in June, these being Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and Halo: Spartan Assault. There will also be discounts available to Ryse: Son of Rome and Forza Motorsport 5 on top of this.

Xbox 360 owners on the other hand are finally getting something good too. Believe it or not, in June you’ll be able to download Dark Souls for free as part of Games with Gold. Also coming is Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition, which caps off an exciting month for Xbox gamers.

Microsoft ups the ante with Dark Souls

Microsoft ups the ante with Dark Souls

Now, the pressure is on for Sony to follow suit. Microsoft seems to have now adopted the exact same strategy as Sony’s PS Plus – ie offering free games and discounts that are now dependant on subscription, so they will expire when your subscription ends.

This month, Stick it to the Man has been available on PS4 as the main free game and many PS4 owners were expecting something better. With this in mind, we have a feeling that the PS Plus June 2014 free game will be a major title this time around to keep everyone happy.


Knack hasn’t appeared on the IGC list yet, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Mark Cerny’s game is up for contention. Then there’s the likes of Rayman Legends, Trials Fusion, MGS V: Ground Zeroes, Octodad, Injustice and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 which could be good guesses too.

We should find out this information within the next week, as the PlayStation Plus June 2014 update should roll out at the start of the month as usual.

It’s great to see Xbox now competing with PS Plus, as it should mean great quality games as a whole for subscribers on both systems. If you are a PS4 or PS3 user, let us know your predictions for what content you may see in June – especially after seeing the impressive June update that Microsoft is offering Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners.

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  • Cake&bools

    Good lord! Why is it always Xbox or play station! WTF! It’s stupid. I own both machines and they do great in their own ways. Why not get them all???

  • zdcd

    Xbox lineup impressive? I don’t think so. Never heard of dark souls. It might be good but its no where near what Sony has given

    • Wut

      ………Get out.

      If you’ve never heard of Dark Souls, then. Please.

      Just get out.

    • Will

      Actually we got demon souls. Exactly near the same thing. All kidding aside though. Sony gave me countless games from Flow to borderlands 2. Action, open world Rpgs, fighters, even pinball tables. Ps Plus has been very generous.

  • Adam

    I dont mind what game we get on the ps4 so long as its not an indie game that ill have on my hard drive forever but only play it once like most of the others they gave us

  • Liam

    NFS rivals pl plus ps4

  • Chris

    hope its not knack found it boring and the indie games just dont hold up what have they got?

  • George Ehab

    lol Imagine if u go on psn on the first day of june and find that watch dogs is this month’s game :p

    • Wat


    • Will

      Since the beginning of ps plus, I have never recieved a AAA game within a year of release. Indys all the time.

  • Vanguard215

    For PS4, I hope MGS: Ground Zeroes, but it’ll probably be Knack or Killzone 4. For PS3, I have no idea.

  • Pixlz

    Random Fact.
    Skullgirls: Encore last month on PSN was the latest For Keepsies game. No expiration date. ^_^

  • Drew Bland

    i thinks transistor should be free on ps4, the infamous collection should be free on ps3, and persona 4 golden should be free on psvita. just sayin. if they they do that it will be one hell of a good month for me!

  • Gumball Watterson

    Binding of Isaac Rebirth for PS Plus! Win the hearts of the Xbox fans!

  • Jamil

    Microsoft PLEEEEEEEAAAAASSSSEEE make The Amazing Spiderman game Free for gold

  • Mirabeau23

    Need For Speed Rivals please, I’m dying to play a racer on my PS4.

    • adam

      Im glad im not the only one who wants to playing a racing game on ps4

  • TheHorrorNerd

    Free games are a terrible model… I always want to buy a game but do not simply because I don’t want to get “burned” by it being free the next month…

    • Commander Jim

      Terrible logic. That’s like not buying a DVD or Blu Ray because it might be on TV.

    • Will

      You will Never get a $50-$60 game from Sony or Microsoft for free within 6 months of release . Ive had both for more then two years.

  • Hi

    Microsoft sold xbox 1 to sony reason for upgrads like blue ray n free games microsoft have confirm long live PS4

    • josh

      R.I.P English

      • He that dwells

        You forgot to end with a form of punctuation.
        Good job failing at English while pointing out someone failing at English.

        • Bob Job

          Yeah – he even forgot the punctuation after the ‘P’ in ‘R.I.P.’. Some people, eh?

      • CJ

        Yeah, to be fair, I didn’t understand much of his comment either.

  • kyle

    Knack Is so Bad ! I hope its not it

    • Commander Jim

      Have you even played it?

      • BeAvErLoBeNdEr

        I played the demo and was underwhelmed. However, upon playing the full game, I quite enjoyed it. Would be a shame for either Knack of Shadow Fall to be the first big PS+ title as they came bundled with so many release consoles anyway. Rivals or Ground Zeroes would be ok I think, or maybe even Black Flag though perhaps that’s less likely. I love that MS and Sony are in this kind of competition now. May never need to buy a game again XD

    • Raveneff

      Knack is far from bad, but if it’s not your style of game then understandable. I for one love it. Only played it for a bit, and definitely would not spend $60 on it, but I’ll take it for free and be damn happy about it.

    • ed

      I’d love to get Knack for free.

  • Staticz-San

    I hope it’s ground zeros, Knack is the most possible game though

    • Deus

      Ground Zeroes… 90mins of gameplay aaaaannnnnnddddd we’re done! I was very dissappointed. 🙁

      • Staticz-San

        I actually really wanna get it for free though.

        • masterseyyyyyyyyyyyyy

          i want mgs v too but it must ps3 coz i dont have ps4

  • Jamil

    Man dark souls looks boring and I already have super street fighter 4 so these offerings pretty much suck

    • Bailey

      just because you dislike/ already have the games does not make them suck….

      • Jamil

        I just dont find anything interesting about darksouls the gameplay looks too bland and like I said before I already have SSF4 and thats boring now also. They need to make The Amazing SpiderMan game free for gold next month. That would be INCREDIBLE!!!!

        • Bradley Gragg

          Dark Souls is phenomenal. Give it a try.

  • XbosHater

    Dark Souls and street fighter were already free for ps plus, also last month hitman and saints row.. Gosh Microsoft.. copycatting sony cuz they are brainless fools who overrated theirselves

    • Party chat , Making users pay for online components and indie support you can say sony copied Microsoft too and let’s not forget the move looking like the wii controllers.

      • Guest1990

        Well if you guys been lacking on recent news sony has bought all rights to xbox due to the fact microsoft losing 3 billion past 3 years microsoft have confirmed this, this is why xbone is some hardware changes and blue ray tech, and the reason of free games per month on xbox look it up, console wars is over sony wins 😛

        • TheHorrorNerd

          What in gods name are you babbling about?

        • Why microsoft

          Sony owns xbox now. I have looked into this its true. Xbox team still in place, but as for future xbox gens, it dont look too bright. I guess PS wins after all.

        • ed

          You’re right. I heard the same thing. They’re keeping it real quiet because Sony doesn’t want it’s investors to know they own both boxes, and MS doesn’t want to announce the sale of the Xbox brand…

        • Aventurds Assemble

          If this were true, SEGA would own Sony due to the billions that they have lost over the past 3 years. I will give you a hint, it is more than 3.

      • Gumiii

        PlayStation was here before Xbox. So did Xbox copy PlayStation? Between these two yes.

    • Jeremy Banchiere

      “cuz they are brainless fools who overrated theirselves”

      Well articulated and composed.

  • angryragingdude

    I will rage if they ever make Trials the free PSN game of the month for PS4. I bought that when it came out.

  • Lag

    Nice game this is exciting!

  • Matthew Bryant

    About time Microsoft offered something decent on Games with Gold. Good for you Microsoft. I’m not about to buy a Xbox One or Xbox 360 anytime soon unless you make some decent single player exclusives, but this is a great step in the right direction. Keep it up.

  • Bjorn

    Playstation Plus is slacking a bit the past few months,i hope they come up with something realy good for June!!!!!

    • WingsOfChicken

      You’ve just grown to be greedy is what it is. It’s a new system. DOn’t expect too much.

    • Matthew Bryant

      It’s been pretty awesome the last few months. Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite, Metro, etc. Maybe you just don’t like those games? This month was a bit meh if you’re not overly into soccer (or football), but it was the exception.

      • Terarded

        i am in the same boat as Bjorn, while all the games you listed have been spectacular, they arent very recent. recent would be Puppeteer, payday 2, pes 2014, motogp, everybodys golf, sly cooper and so on and so forth and while none of those games are necessarily bad they would all usually be considered the secondary title with a big impressive lead title to go with it and this is on top of the fact that we are given one less game every month(For EU users)

        • Zack Gilbert

          Sony already gave us payday 2. I wasn’t too impressed. Very buggy.

      • Jamil

        I cant believe Bioshock Infinite was free on Playstation. They need to do the same thing for the 360 cause thats what I have

  • Great news for XBox. Being a relatively long standing PS+ member, I’m quite satisfied with the games I’ve received over the years. Heck, my free collection has easily made my PS+ membership worthwhile. I’ve not been thrilled with the PS4 offerings so far but I’ve been quite pleased with the PS3 stuff. Batman Arkham City wasn’t anything to scoff at and I really enjoyed Bioshock Infinite. We’ve had quite a few great games over the years.

    I hope Microsoft continues to offer some good games as I will be purchasing an XBox One soon enough.

    • PS+++

      Yep. The value is insanely good. Unfortunately for me, I had purchased most of the good ones on Day 1 (BI, Arkham City, Tomb Raider), but just right there with those three games you have pretty much doubled the cost of the subscription. Good to see MS following suit. The beauty of competition, eh?

  • benjamin

    all i can say is that xbox is looking good for this month