iWatch vs. Apple TV update: Most likely at WWDC 2014

By Peter Chubb - May 21, 2014

We know with certainty that Apple is to reveal its plans for OS X 10.10 at its WWDC event on June 2nd, 2014, and will most likely offer a brief glimpse of iOS 8, such as the new Healthbook application. There is also a good chance that we will get to see new hardware at the event, even though some people believe this not to be true.

If someone even suggests to you that WWDC is always about software and not hardware, then you need to give them a history lesson, as the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 13-inch MacBook Pro, iPhone 4 and even the MacBook Pro with Retina display were all unveiled during WWDC over the years.

Most likely hardware at WWDC 2014 – We don’t expect a new MacBook Air, as that has just seen a minor update, and we do not expect to see Apple update its MacBook Pro until later this year, possibly later to offer a Broadwell chip.

There is a possibility that a new Mac mini 2014 refresh will make an appearance, but with a lack of rumors, this does seem highly unlikely.

iWatch vs. Apple TV at WWDC 2014

iWatch vs. Apple TV – The most likely hardware to be seen at WWDC 2014 is either the iWatch or Apple TV. There have been many rumors to suggest that both these devices could be unveiled next month.

However, if we were to put our money where our mouth is, we would have to back the Apple TV 4th generation. This is because Apple has only recently put its team together for a wearable device and so seeing it at WWDC might be pushing it. However, Apple could show us its vision as to what the iWatch will be about.

As for the Apple TV 4G, this is a very likely device to see unveiled next month, and even though there does seem to be a lack of evidence, we do know Apple has to up its game seeing as though the Amazon Fire TV now has far more to offer. Okay, so we know that Apple TV still has more content, but it lacks in one key area, gaming.

What device do you think is more likely to be seen at WWDC 2014, the iWatch or an Apple TV update?

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  • deborinquen

    I am hoping to see the new Mac mini. It’s been a while since the last update. I am ready to buy one for Christmas but (since Christmas is so far away) will not make my purchase at full price for a 2012 when a 2014 MAY be around the corner. However, if the 2014 is released, I would consider the 2012 if the discount is there since it will not be my main computer.

  • Cheese

    Really hoping its the 4th gen apple TV. People label the current apple tv as a paperweight but with the combination of iVL and itunes, apple TV is a great home media streaming option (much better than all DLNA options I’ve tried). Its only flaw is how it displays shared media TV shows by title and season instead of the tv show then the season on a 2nd tier (like netflix).
    Michael A. I would recommend downloading some encoding software. Rip your blurays to MP4 using an application like “handbrake”. Then drop your mp4 files into iVL. iVL automatically adds all metadata in a file (cover artwork, synopsis, actors etc) and also automatically drops the file into itunes. Once in itunes it will appear on apple TV perfectly.

  • Michael A.

    Any news about an Apple disc to digital service. I am ready to transform my DVDs and Blu-Rays into digital format. I have mostly apple products at home. I do not own an Apple tv. Right now I have more Ultraviolet movies than itunes movies. If apple doesn’t offer a disc to digital option soon, I probably will use Vudu’s disc to digital service.
    Thank you..

    • Sal

      I really love my apple tv 3, and i can’t imagine what apple is planing for the new apple tv 4, i mean with the Roku 3 and the amazon tv being very creative on there devices, that is good for apple tv lovers because i know something big is coming for the apple tv 4, used to be a hobby but now it’s all about competition.