iOS 7.1.2 release time expectations

By Alan Ng - May 21, 2014

While all the attention is on iOS 8 at the moment thanks to being just days away from Apple’s WWDC 2014 keynote, other users are more concerned about current affairs and the expected iOS 7.1.2 release time.

We have been using iOS 7.1.1 on our iPad and have already seen the demand for the next version to be installed before Apple’s event takes place on June 2. Looking around on social boards, it’s not difficult to see that a lot of users are even expecting Apple to release iOS 7.1.2 before the end of this week.

Although Apple are working towards improving with each update, it hasn’t stopped the debate about iOS 7.1.1 battery life. Users want to see iOS 7 battery life improved as a priority above any other feature as at the moment – apps are draining battery life like there’s no tomorrow.

Whatsapp is a prime example of an app that doesn’t play friendly with Apple’s latest software. An hour of constant Whatsapp usage will result in a significant loss of battery and most of you must agree that Apple needs to start tweaking.

Playing iPad games on iOS 7.1.1 is also worrying in terms of battery life, especially those that use excellent apps such as the Puffin Browser to enjoy Adobe Flash games on the tablet.

Apple are not giving any hints of course on when the next iOS 7.1 update will drop, but users will be hoping that it comes before the end of the week and will bring iOS 7.1.2 update fixes with it.

Do you agree that battery life improvements from Apple are a priority right now for you? Let us know your own expectations and what areas you need to see improved the most.

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  • Jailbreak to be released on the next Funday 🙂

  • Sunday Will Be Funday 🙂

  • jck2010

    I know some people will come on here and say their battery has improved. But everyone forgets what IOS 6 battery was like. I can tell you I have two iphone 5 devices and both are just ok on battery. Nothing near what it should be. We all know Apple is capable of improving the battery performance. I agree with the person who wrote the article. I think most people prefer Apple to just focus on this battery issue before fixing anything else. I love the new podcast app because it finally works! Apple just needs to fix the music order of the albums. It used to have the oldest album first but now it has the newest album first. I prefer to listen to an artist starting from their first album.
    I am an old android user and have considered going back. I am giving Apple until Sept to see what IOS 8 and the Iphone 6 will do. If I am not impressed I will be going to android. They finally smoothed out their operating system and most phones come with a great battery. Still waiting for Apple but I am hanging in there one last time! Don’t dissapoint in Sept!

  • Penska13

    First… lol
    Seriously though. Yes battery life needs to be improved especially with the 4 and 4s. I work with cellphones everyday and that’s the biggest complaint I get with 7.1.1. Batteries aren’t even lasting 3-4 hours. My wife’s phone will be at 5% and then shut off. Then when you plug it in it turns right on and says there is 10% battery.
    It’s this kind of stuff that pisses you off cause the ios and phone are so solid but it seems like Apple can’t get the battery right.