Humble Bundle countdown to greatness

If you are a fan of indie games and in particular, the Humble Bundle Store, you are definitely going to want to check out what is on offer at the moment. Humble Bundle weekly packages are now available with a special 14 day event which has just passed the half way stage.

Humble Bundle is the gaming service that feels like it’s Christmas every week. Not only can you donate your money to a worthy charity, you get to play the latest games and games which otherwise would have passed under the radar more often than not.

This week, we bring a reminder that the Humble Bundle 14-day countdown is still on, with the latest games on offer being the Crusader Kings series. The strategy games are available for a further 10 hours and then the Humble Bundle will then change once again with a brand new bundle for gamers to contemplate.

If you haven’t tried out Humble Bundle before and you love trying out new games from independent developers, you really should visit the homepage here and take a look.

For those that have already purchased a Humble Bundle during the 14-day event, are you happy with your purchase? Tell us what you have bought so far and whether you intend to buy something else before the event is over.



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