GTA V Online cheats suffer RP action

By Alan Ng - May 21, 2014

It has taken a long time since launch, but it looks like Rockstar are now moving forward towards a zero tolerant policy with regards to GTA V Online hack and cheats. If you have been guilty of using GTA V cheats on PS3 and Xbox 360 in the past, you may log into the game soon with a much lower RP currency than before.

This week we can confirm that Rockstar is now taking action once and for all and have gone public about it. There has been plenty of speculation that the reason why GTA Online patches have taken so long – GTA V 1.13 for example, is that Rockstar has had to spend time to wash out GTA V Online cheaters before moving on to new content.

Now, we can almost confirm this as being the case, as Rockstar has revealed all with some home truths. When asked on their support page specifically about GTA V players who are gaining RP illegitimately, here is what the developer had to say.

“In order to keep Grand Theft Auto Online fair for everyone, we are removing illegitimate RP from the accounts of players who hacked or modded to get ahead.”

Furthermore, Rockstar has said that the first wave of action in these RP removal has taken place on Tuesday May 20. Here’s the important part: Rockstar will be investigating accounts since October 2013 and will continue to make automated sweeps to ensure that all is fair.

If you have been playing the game normally, you’ll obviously be unaffected. If you have been gaining RP by other means though, your account may be affected so it’s a good idea to check your game now to see if you have lost RP.

Obviously, many players will cry wolf and complain that their RP has been removed whilst they have been playing normally. Overall though, most will probably agree that this change couldn’t have come sooner.

Is this the last piece of action that Rockstar will take on GTA DNS server hacks before deploying GTA V 1.14 with Heists? Let’s hope that is the case and everyone can enjoy a smoother GTA Online experience.

Let us know your thoughts about this and if you have noticed any changes to your account since Tuesday.

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  • XGEN Domination

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  • PoorPCPirates

    Maybe that is why they don’t want to release on PC until the point at which they will not be releasing new content. Can you imagine the hacking/modding on PC, if it significant enough on consoles to delay updates? I think they realise that the PC online would be unplayable due to hacking/modding and people only looking to play the SP would just torrent it. This announcement effectively sounds the death knell for a PC release anytime soon.