FIFA 15 transfer hopes after Ashley Cole to Liverpool FC

By Alan Ng - May 21, 2014

As a FIFA 14 player, are you enjoying the off-season for the Barclays Premiership now that the league has come to a finish? FIFA 15 is already on the horizon and the game could ship with some interesting transfers with many clubs already looking to do business.

One of these clubs is Liverpool FC and if you have been keeping yourself updated with possible FIFA 15 transfers, you’ll know that Ashley Cole to Liverpool FC is the one possible transfer that everybody is talking about at the moment.

Obviously it is not a done deal yet, but it definitely looks certain at this point that the defender will be leaving Chelsea for another club. Liverpool have emerged front-runners to some surprise, although we also hear whispers that Real Madrid may be preparing to swoop.

If you are definitely thinking about FIFA 15 though this Fall, can you seriously consider Ashley Cole playing for Liverpool FC when the game is shipped? As you can see from our included clip below and image here, some FIFA players are even hoping to see Ashley Cole back in an Arsenal shirt next season.

Where will Ashley Cole end up?

Where will Ashley Cole end up?

This is why we love FIFA games though and it is going to be very exciting to see which players move where during the Summer. Let us know who your top FIFA 15 transfers are for your personal team and your own thoughts on if you think Ashley Cole will still be an 85 card on FIFA 15 later this year.

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  • Nicholson232

    Ashley Cole will be 79/80 due to less appearances and his age popping up a year. I reckon if my team (Liverpool) sign Alexis Sanchez, Lallana, Lovren, Tello, Mascherano and Alberto Moreno then we will finally be a 5 star team again (and rightfully so). Raheem Sterling, Jordan Henderson and Daniel Sturridge should all be far more highly rated in FIFA 15 after their performances this season. YNWA.

    • NgTurbo

      90+ rating for Suarez at last?

      • Cripper

        at least!!!
        They should also give sturridge a 4star skill rating, he’s got a load of tricks in his locker