eBay password change request not official

From time to time eBay will ask that you change your password, and that is just what happened today. On the eBay community homepage, as well as the press page on PayPal there was a message stating that there was a possible security problem and as such led to them asking that you change your password.

The eBay password change request for PayPal would have come as a shock to many users and saw many people start to change their passwords, but don’t be too hasty.

We say this because this seems to have been done by mistake because Engadget has yet to hear back from PayPal, although the page that requested that users change their passwords has since been removed, although it still shows on the community page, so it would seem this was done in error.

eBay password change request

We would like to know what eBay and PayPal were playing at to do such a thing because this would have no doubt panicked some people, although this is just the response hacker’s lover to see.

However, when you look at the logo in the image above it is clearly a fake, and for that reason we can only assume that the site was hacked.



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