EA Sports UFC Bruce Lee stats hope

By Alan Ng - May 21, 2014

EA Sports UFC is looking very promising in the build up to launch, but for some gamers looking to pick up the game next month, it’s only about one thing – the special guest appearance of Bruce Lee.

The martial arts legend is going to be available in the game either by pre-ordering, or working your way through the game’s story mode. For the first time, the power of next-gen hardware on PS4 and Xbox One can really give fans the Bruce Lee character model which truly resembles the star in reality.

Bruce Lee looks phenomenal on PS4 and Xbox One and it’s going to be interesting to see how EA plans to combat the inevitable scenario of almost every user choosing Bruce Lee when playing online.


Fans are also desperate to get an early heads up on EA Sports UFC Bruce Lee’s stats in game, as well as Bruce Lee’s moves in EA Sports UFC too.

The video recently released by EA gives you another tease of what is to come, with one brief EA Sports UFC gameplay showing Bruce Lee perform one of his trademark spin kicks. If you turn the volume up in our clip below, you’ll also get a glimpse of the Bruce Lee ‘sounds’ that EA where talking about for that extra layer of realism.


How will Bruce Lee’s stats compare to fighters such as Cung Le or Georges St-Pierre though? Just to remind you, we know that Bruce Lee will be available for selection in the Flyweight, Bantamweight, Featherweight and Lightweight divisions.

Obviously there will need to be a balance, otherwise as we mentioned above everybody is going to be choosing Lee at all times. With the release date now set at June 17, we hope that we get some specific details on how Bruce Lee will compare vs other fighters technically.


Enjoy some images that we have picked out for you here and let us know your thoughts on Bruce Lee in EA Sports UFC. Do you have a feeling that everybody will be choosing to play as him online – how will you counter this?


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  • jay

    We need sliders for bruce. And he MUST be available in career mode. These two things are crucial. Bruce was much faster then his films. Will the game reflect this? Sliders will allow bruce lee to make hime how they see fit. I could care less about a created player now with bruce here. Let us take him through career and build his jkd how we see fit. Bruce must use lots of wing chun hand trapping and lots and lots of oblique kicks. What about the one inch punch? I know you guys aren’t ea but this is the only place I’ve been able to post a message. Please get this message to ea.

  • jay

    You counter this by adding chuck norris

  • Josh101

    Why is Bruce Lee’s crotch the main focus? lol

    • NgTurbo

      When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot.