Ads on Google Nest raises heat from owners

In its early days the Internet and the many services that went with it were very basic, although it was a very clean place, one that you knew you could visit websites or use services without having anything shoved in front of you. However, times have changed because nothing comes for free.

Over the years services like YouTube have had to deliver advertisements in order to generate revenue to help keep the service free. While this may be a little annoying, we can fully understand why YouTube and Google would do such a thing, but there is a fear that Google could go a step too far with these ads.

If we are to believe an article, we could see ads brought to Google Nest, along with some of their other products that use Android, such as refrigerators, cars and Android Wear devices.

Ads on Google Nest

Before we get too ahead of ourselves, this might not happen, but we know Google is looking into this extra revenue stream, and so we can only imagine owners of these devices getting a little hot under the collar.

We can understand why as well, as they have already paid out over $200 for Google Nest, so why should you have to put up with ads appearing on the thermostat?

Is Google right to deliver ads to their range of devices, or should you have a choice considering you have already paid for these products?



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