Watch Dogs multiplayer free roam is ideal for PS4, XB1

By Daniel Chubb - May 20, 2014

When the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One arrived gamers responded in a number of ways. Some people held onto their PS3 and Xbox 360 with the hope of upgrading to the new consoles later on, while others jumped right in and sold all their current games plus console for a new Xbox One or PS4. Finally, we have those that were able to keep their current console and upgrade to a PS4 or Xbox One at the same time, so they were able to keep playing games on both generations.

GTA V is played by millions of gamers on Xbox 360/PS3 and thanks to such a massive install base, GTA V can do just fine without the hurry of releasing a version for PS4 or Xbox One. This is great for Rockstar and gamers that kept their “last-generation” machines, but not so good for those that love GTA V and felt the need to upgrade along with selling either the PS3 or Xbox 360.


Watch Dogs multiplayer free roam is the perfect GTA V PS4 and Xbox One substitute – we really wanted to see a PS4 or XB1 version of Grand Theft Auto V, or even just GTA Online, but it hasn’t happened and if any port takes place in 2014 it will be a last minute surprise. This is why the Watch Dogs multiplayer modes and free roam is ideal for PS4 and XB1 players.

We are now exactly 7 days away from seeing Watch Dogs reach its release date on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and of course Xbox One. The latest generation of consoles is what interests us most with this game, and the main reason is the need for such an open world free roam multiplayer game to get online with friends and family.

Watching someone play GTA V on a PS3 while you have a PS4 has to tell you something, and this is exactly what some gamers are doing right now. While the PS4 and Xbox One has great games with amazing graphics, GTA V is one game a lot of people miss about the last generation.


Personally, Watch Dogs will be our answer to getting online with XB1 and PS4 friends in a way we wanted to do with GTA Online, although there will be a lot less to do in Watch Dogs when compared to GTA Online.

Thanks to review reasons, we have all the last and current generation consoles but find it hard stepping back from PS4 or XB1. We doubt we’re alone in the desire to see GTA V on PS4 and XB1, or the fact that Watch Dogs open world free roam multiplayer will be welcomed with open arms on these consoles.

Will you be purchasing Watch Dogs on PS4 or Xbox One thanks to the need for an open world game? If so, will you be getting online with friends in multiplayer free roam next week?

Take a look at the 15-minute video below for some detailed Watch Dogs gameplay, multiplayer free roam insight, hideouts, carjacking, and of course weapons. You can also see how the Watch Dogs and GTA V maps compare in this article.

Playing online in Watch Dogs – the multiplayer element won’t be about leaderboards and lobbies, so don’t expect something totally separate from single-player. The way Watch Dogs multiplayer is integrated will allow you to connect with friends online, but also enjoy your own Chicago as well. Take a look at the video below for further insight into the online modes.

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  • Lacu

    Me & my friends were planning on free roam for ps3 but now Ubisoft is making us get next-gen consoles I for one think Ubisoft is doing it for money I probably won’t get anymore Ubisoft games

    • William

      I know how you feel

  • gio styxx

    Reason I’m getting it. miss gta5 ps4 need more blockbuster online games

    • jojoyukon

      I do not think ps4 needs any more blockbuster games right now I think it is dumb that xbox360 will not get the great experience of watch dogs online.

  • William

    Hey i’ve been having a question, someone said that watchdogs doesnt have online for PS3. Is this true?

    • Tom

      Both last gen consoles will have multiplayer, but you won’t have the 8 player free roam or the data decryption game mode.

      • William

        Why? I don’t know why Last gen cant have everything that next gen has. I can see this is forcing people to buy next gen, but come on!

  • Corey Descant

    My most anticipated game of 2014. Me and my friends are already planning what we will be doing online. Going to be an amazing experience.

    • WatchDog

      Totally. If no 2014 Fallout 4, then I am with you…my most anticipated game for this year.