Watch Dogs in retro Commodore 64 gameplay

My childhood involved gaming long hours on the Commodore 64 and I have classic memories of Pole Position, Paperboy, Daley Thompson’s Decathlon, Bounty Bob, and many more games. These memories have taken me through my gaming life and show that it’s all about gameplay, even though the Xbox One and PS4 I use today for reviewing and fun is welcomed in every way.

This is why we had to post some gameplay for our readers that remember the Commodore 64, which gives Watch Dogs a retro makeover. Take a look at the gameplay below this article and let us know if you’re impressed? Now all we need is our own working version and a Commodore 64, or even a C64 emulator would do.

What game would you like to see get a retro makeover next with Commodore 64 gameplay? Personally, we’d love to see GTA 5 given this retro touch. If it happens for the latest version of Grand Theft Auto, we’ll make sure our readers are the first to get a look.

After watching the video below, take a look at this Watch Dogs world map and how it compares to GTA V in another article published earlier today.



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