Tesla Model S UK price and release date

- May 20, 2014

The Tesla Model S is coming to the UK at a price of £70,000 and with a release date set somewhere in June. Britain has an issue with electric cars and the uptake is very slow with way under 2,000 electric models registered in the first quarter of 2014, but this could be about to change if the price comes down a little.

What’s really impressive about the Tesla Model S specs on the UK version is the fact that it can travel 300 miles on a single charge. This means a 20-minute recharge will take the car almost the length of England without having to charge again.


You can see the Google Map below that shows a route from London to Newcastle, and this trip is just under 300 miles, so your Tesla Model S electric car can make that journey without a recharge.


Will you be looking at changing to an electric car in 2014 or 2015? If so, will the UK Tesla Model S be the turning point for you or is the price still too high?

You can learn more about the Tesla Model S features on teslamotors.com, or take a look at the first drive review by WHICH below.

The planned Tesla supercharging stations in the UK will be located on the M4 near Bristol and on the M20 near Dover. You can also read about the positive attention Tesla’s electric car is getting in an earlier article.

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  • Del

    I test drove the Tesla last week. It is an amazing drive, however, it comes with an amazingly expensive price tag too. I am an electric car driver anyway. So, this seems like my next step. Tesla do need to bring the price down if they wish to appeal to the masses.