PS4 1.71 update necessity from Sony

By Alan Ng - May 20, 2014

After initially reporting that the PS4 1.71 update could go live shortly after PS4 1.70, it looks like Sony has other ideas and intend to keep anxious owners waiting a little longer.

PS4 1.70 was a major update for the system at last and finally brought some new functionality for users to enjoy. Unfortunately though the update also caused some problems at the same time with many expecting a quick fix with the PS4 1.71 firmware update.

One of these issues involves a lack of PS4 vibration from the DualShock 4 controller, which strangely appears to be absent now upon bootup with some systems. It can be switched back on manually, but since it wasn’t happening on previous versions we’re guessing it wasn’t intended.

Personally, we can also see that the PS4 is still ejecting discs automatically on 1.71. We know it isn’t happening to everyone but after placing our own unit vertically it happened again once and can be quite irritating when it occurs during the night.

In terms of new features though, we don’t expect much from Sony with PS4 1.71 – We think bug fixes will be the main flavor of the month. Then again, E3 2014 is right around the corner and it would be nice if Sony have left some surprises for PS4 owners with some bonus features in celebration of the annual event.

We want to know your experiences as a PS4 owner right now. What new features would you like to see on your console next and also what bug fixes would you like to see with the next PS4 1.71 update? Are you still waiting for simple things like a PS4 DLNA patch, MP3 support and PS4 3D Blu-Ray playback?

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  • Martin Kuhn

    I don’t buy a PS4 until DLNA support is provided

    • coffeer4

      Me too. If they don’t sort it out fast I’m heading over to a good durable high-end PC.

  • daemon

    I used my PS3 as a nice little media center device .. using DLNA, I was able to stream my movies / music / pictures etc from my NAS. I was able to watch 3D movies and have loads of fun. Now, wiht my PS4, I had to resort to different media servers, no more 3D movies, wasted all that money buying the DVDs. So yes, DLNA and 3D support will be good.

  • Tokai

    Yes. I am still waiting for simple things like a PS4 DLNA patch and MP3 support before buying the console. I cannot believe they oversaw this.

  • Max

    Sony won’t add mp3 support or DLNA, simply because wants to train us to use those expensive paid streaming contents. Call it a free-2-play console… 😉

  • Danny Abdula

    I went out and bought a blu ray player as the ps4 software is so rubbish even reference quality movies looked like 80s porn on vhs, I don’t use it much for games as you also screwed us on Driveclub which was the main reason I sold the ps3 and “upgraded” to this flashy but useless device. I think I should have gone xbox and forza in hindsight.

  • ollie

    Unbelievably im starting to consider xbox one as my ps4 still doesn’t support dlna. Trade in is on the cards

  • rdmbs

    I would like to use my ps4 online again…. i cant update to 1.70 … the file is defect is the error message i get

  • KahRiss

    MP3. No custom music in any of my games because of this. It’s kinda of pissing me off that it’s now almost 6 months later. Looks like a scheme for Music Unlimited.

  • Kevin

    Dual audio output for headset and tv simultaneously.

  • Lewis

    DLNA and 3d blu-ray

  • Colin Sewell

    Canceled my PS4 preorder just days before delivery when they announced no DLNA, CD, or MP3 support. Close call. Maybe in a year or two when those features are added…

  • Dan Ramondetta

    ps4 3d support

  • Adam

    I bought a PS4 in March thinking that it would have all the features of the PS3. I was so disappointed when I realised that Sony had decided to make it just a game console. I have gone back to using the PS3 and the PS4 has been boxed up and put away. I will not even be buying games for it until they fix this issue.

  • Gareth Raw-Rees

    Would have bought a PS4 already if it had DLNA.

  • Joe

    Guys forgive me for not using the technical term but Sony really needs to add the ability to stream music and video from your computer. That was one of the coolest features on my ps3 and I’m really upset about not being able to do so on a so-called next gen system. I actually bought both an xbox one and a ps4 at launch and while I really like my ps4, the lack of such a simple feature has caused my ps4 to become nothing more than a dust catcher. Xbox can’t stream either but at least I have access to YouTube and way better apps.



  • John Varsamis

    MP3 support, only to have my own chants on fifa. DLNA also would be great.

  • Adam

    MP3 support so that the show can have all its features, same for Fifa 14… Pisses me off that i cant add my chants to these games because my 430$ system doesnt support MP3s!!

  • Samuel Staiano

    With the new update 1.70 i can only play with a 480p resolution… I can only choose Automatic or 480p. Someone with the same problem?
    I have this problem since one months. Hurry up Sony.

  • The Watcher

    I’m simply NOT upgrading my PS3 to a PS4 until it can provide the same media experience. That means CD and MP3 playback, DLNA support and 3D blu-ray.

  • Gamer

    Would be soo nice to see alot of Flash Content on the Browser on Ps4 would be Really Amazing please update

  • Jdubbs


  • OoReFLuXoO

    DLNA DLNA, I though the ps4 would have been an upgrade!!! NOT….. Its like buying a E class mercedes after driving a S class for a few years.. But Its newer and looks nice without the function. Very dissapointed, I returned my PREorder, LOL who does that??? Im still rocking the PS3 and wont buy a new system til DLNA is releas

  • ninja_stitch

    Seriously come off it already what’s the hold up with 3D Blu-Ray compatability, youtube app, flash player, MP3, DLNA, ability to rip cd’s, and new games it seems like release for anything is taking forever with months between releases… You guys have already written an released PS3 updates why not make sure all those are already in a new system we don’t upgrade to take a lower form of technology… We expect better than the previous system I mean I don’t won’t and haven’t ever purchased an Xbox but if you guys don’t come off it already I’m seriously considering rethinking my loyalty to sony… When PS3 came out not many new games were made for PS2 so why the change or release if you weren’t ready for it…

  • Nick Lim

    1.70 version have problem just can stay at version 1.53!!! stuck here can’t play online!! please release new best version please!!!!!!!

  • Ed

    I’m still waiting for DLNA support before I buy a PS4.

  • Ali snaqi

    Sony sucks, they promise things and then never deliver.. I bought a PS4 expecting it to have the same features and more than my PS3, they promised that they would give it back to us around the 2nd patch, February Max….Well… it’s almost 4 months later Sony… You guys are overrated azzholes, quit diking us around and give us the stuff that your loyal fans deserve… Oh and maybe at E3 you can announce that you wont lie to your fans anymore, seems like everything that comes outta your mouths are a bunch of lies…. Give me my features back you indian giving twits..

    • Seriously, don’t hold back. Just be honest and let it out. We need to know how your really feel…

      • Aaron Riwai

        😀 ^^

  • Theodisc

    CD support with CD rip so I can copy my new CDs straight to the PS4 HDD, The Playstation could play CDs… Sony promised us this as well as MP3 support by February at the latest back in November 2013. Now I agree with Mark: it should do everything the PS3 does (bar PS3 BD gameplay). At the moment it is an unused stand for my PS3…

  • Charles Thornhill

    I would like the auto game save bug fixed. It’s getting really annoying now to have to keep manually updating all the game saves.

  • Mark

    When the PS4 is able to do what my PS3 has been doing for ages I may consider buying it. Where’s the MP3 support Sony???

  • mike sanders

    Anyone who likes to watch YouTube you can go to PS website watch free games of the month and then switch to utube and click on the videos when the game video ends

  • Ivan Kulola

    I can’t download any digital game from ps store since update 1.71.Everytime i try to download it stops at a certain percentage ( 27% for infamous,98% for trials)..I can’t retry as an error code indicating dns problems pops up.where i live digital games are way more cheaper than physical ones.But since the update my life has been crap.speaking of mp3 and usb support..cmon sony those are basic..This isn’t the stone age or something…

    • kaze343

      1.71 hasnt been released. nice try tho.

      • Ivan Kulola

        My bad..update 1.70 i meant….I’ll give it a try this evening after work.I read some where you just have to keep on testing internet connection until it completes the download…

  • Ma

    Browser Flash Flash Flash Support Please

  • unknown

    Mp3 support! MP3 support! MP3 support! MP3 support!

  • shankey

    Put ever thing the ps3 got and more. Come on now stop playing in your psn ass.

    • Theodisc

      ha, well said shankey

  • Alex

    My ps4 has been completely inoperable since 1.70. I basically have a $400 paper weight. I can get into safe mode but that’s it. So yeah, I’m really pissed 1.71 is taking so long. It’s been over two weeks. My ps4 is useless.

    I’ve initiated a repair service but they neglected to mention that I need my original receipt. I purchased it online so I need to print some random email receipt and hope it’s enough. And by the time I probably send it, they’ll release 1.71.

    Yep. This is the type of bullsh*t I’ll remember when it’s time to choose between Sony and Microsoft again.

    • mike

      Go away Shill

  • Corey Descant

    So PS4 owner here. My experience so far…wait let me explain how I felt when I first wrapped my hands around the controller and played next gen gaming. It was amazing, I felt like I was playing the future, this lasted 2 days until I was used to BF4 like I was playing in on PS3. So I ventured to the store to buy a new and fun game. So I search for racing (my favorite genre) to find only 2 games, NFS, and a 2d MX game. Which are both great games but not the turn out I was expecting, so I go to RPG just to find nothing there either. So what I want next is more games, show me the future not just updated PS3 games. What I want from update 1.71 is features for the upcoming E3 event, an YouTube app, and a way to pause downloads.

  • Malcom Jenkins 27

    Ps4 Adobe Flash Support Or Better Flash Please for Web Browser

  • Gavin Peters

    IMO Sony always said this was the Gamers console and it’s shone through that gaming is the machines primary focus. That said, we expect more today. Things like DLNA, mp3 support and apps like YouTube and Skype are now a base-level expectation. That is to say, the consumer (me) will not insist on these items in a spec sheet because they are expected.

  • Sage Williams

    Ps4 HDCP off feature makes the signal sent to cards default at 1080p, no matter what you set it at in the Ps4 front end, it can be in 720p on your monitor but its still casting out 1080p to the capture card.

    Doing this on a card that doesn’t support 1080p, makes it a blank screen with the audio continuing. I’m hoping this is a known problem and one that is being addressed in 1.71 as I have a Startech card that can only capture up to 1080i.

  • Brandon North Bates

    How about YouTube support.

    • fred

      youtube website works on ps4 🙂

      • Brandon North Bates

        Fred I’m talking about streaming to YouTube instead of Twitch and Ustream.

        • JR_Tolls1

          Well youtube just bought twitch so that will probably work itself out.

        • fred

          my bad !

  • dj211248

    Lost all DTS since 1.7 update. Have to select a different mode on my home theatre system and make do with stereo. Not happy at all. Left the PC gaming world in February to get a PS4 rather than upgrade my old rig. Wanted a simpler life with no issues. Hmmmm………

  • Kenneth Anderson

    Until they add 3d Blu-ray support then it’s just a dust collector. Not interested in the first party games they launched with and live on Xbox has all of my friends I play multiplatform games with. I won’t buy games for it until they add 3d Blu-ray support. PERIOD…..

  • “Are you still waiting for simple things like a PS4 DLNA patch, MP3 support and PS4 3D Blu-Ray playback?” Yes…

  • Me

    I haven’t had any problems. This has been the best console I have ever had.

  • SleazyC69

    My online saves fail to upload since the update

    • Josh101

      Mine has done this since release. Most will update automatically, but Battlefield 4 never does. It will say “failed to upload, uploaded from another PS4.” Something along those lines.

    • SouthernSmoke88

      same here.. had backups on my own externals that saved my life once i restored the entire ps4.. everything works like a charm now, we’ll see what this latest “update” does.. *crosses fingers*

  • jeremiah

    Yea my ps4 has that vibration problem. I just cant wait for this performance boost rumor if its true. I wonder how much more powerful the ps4 will be after that.

    • Josh101

      It should be pretty interesting. I can’t wait until E3. I think there will be some amazing stuff shown.

    • Callum smith

      I fix mine by turning dual shock on and then off, fixes every time. Still annoying though