PlayStation Now private beta PS3 vs. PS4 invite code

By Daniel Chubb - May 20, 2014

There’s a lot of confusion over the PlayStation Now private beta PS4 invite codes being sent out and if PS3 users will get upgraded automatically. When the PS Now beta invites get sent out for PS4, happening today, then you will need to download a different client to the one currently on PS3 and this is why there’s different codes.

If you were already in the PS3 PS Now beta, then you can count on being still in but whether that includes receiving another code for PS4 is what gamers want to know.

Firstly, you will receive an email like the one above stating “You are invited to participate in the PlayStation Now Private Beta”. After this email, you’ll then receive an invite code to download the client for your PS3/PS4 and gain access to the Private Beta.

Some PS4 users that received a PS3 invite then code hope to just receive another invite code for the PS4 today. One Product Reviews reader stated, “I heard that Sony will send out new codes to download the PS Now app on PS4, and these would be going to the people already in the PS3 beta as well”. We should find out if this user is correct later today, and if there’s any problems like some people had with the client “not downloading on PS3” when it first released.

Have you had a PlayStation Now private beta invite code for PS4? If so, what’s your location and were you already in the PS3 beta? The release time for codes to be sent is unclear and will vary by location, so feel free to leave a comment if you’ve had an invitation or code for PlayStation 4.

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  • John

    I contacted PSN because I received a PS3 codes but only have a PS4. They said we will be receiving the new code within 2 weeks.

    – My brother was told “Later Today”
    – A Coworker was told “Within a Week”

    This was on 21 May 2014. I will update when I receive it. They said the PS4 App wasnt ready and this was the cause for the Delay.

  • Tyler

    I can’t download the app. I contacted sony and they told me to wait until the PS Store update “In a couple of hours” (this was a 3 PM today) and then try again.

    • bobo

      major issues they say have a huge write up