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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 price fears for 512GB

Speculation is brewing on Microsoft’s exciting unveil of the Surface Pro 3 tablet. We have given you details of this in the past, but now consumers are faced with an interesting decision that is rare to the tablet game – 512MB of storage.

Microsoft are heavily tipped to be unveiling a 512GB Microsoft Surface 3 Pro 3, one that will be sold as the ‘ultra’ version of the device and obviously geared towards the premium consumers who want the very best.

While 512GB of storage would be a dream come true for many consumers, at the same time it could mean a nightmare in terms of pricing. Although not confirmed yet, there are many whispers suggesting that such a device could cost almost $2000 USD to buy from retailers.

While that is obviously a huge amount of money for a tablet, you would be getting some luxurious Surface Pro 3 specs for that price. These could include an Intel i7 processor and a stunning 8GB of RAM which would reportedly be double that of the standard Surface Pro 3 configurations that will come with 4GB and i3 CPUs instead.

The obvious question is who is going to be willing to pay the rumored $1949 asking price for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 ultra deluxe model. It goes without saying that you could get a high-end PC for the same price, so is it really worth it?

Time will tell as Microsoft’s intimate New York event is just hours away. Let us know your thoughts on this and if you would be willing to part with that kind of money for the very best tablet on the market.



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