Marvel Avengers Alliance Spec Op 18 task list

There is some good news for Marvel Avengers Alliance players now, as we can confirm that the Avengers Alliance Spec Op 18 is live, giving players the chance to unlock Anti-Venom.

As you can guess, many players are now after the Avengers Alliance Spec Op 18 task list to see what is needed for the missions and you’ll be pleased to hear that we now have that for you.

This Spec Op is going to be fantastic for those that grew up on Spider-Man games and comics as it is heavily based on symbiotes. For example, Carnage has been included as a boss, while there is also a big group boss this time as well – introducing Hybrid for the first time to the series.

To top it all off, there’s also another lockbox collection to work through as well, as you can recruit Sandman to Avengers Alliance by winning lockboxes from the group boss – not to mention gaining precious silver for level 14 training at the same time.

Based on first impressions, it looks like the tasks are very straight forward and players should not have any problems at all getting to the first research. View the full task list here and let us know your reaction to the symbiote Spec Ops so far.

Feel free to ask any questions on the spec ops if you need help.



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