LOL Patch roadmap includes audio update

We have interesting League of Legends news to bring you now, especially those that value the LoL audio sounds when playing. Developers Riot Games have confirmed that new LoL patches are on the way to enhance the audio quality in League of Legends for years to come.

Many fans are praying for a new LoL client, but we’re pleased to see that Riot Games is slowly starting to come around to the idea that internal server upgrades are needed.

A new post from the developer confirms that the team will first be targeting the audio in the game. ‘Proper’ LoL surround sound has been promised in a future patch after LOL 4.7 and also slight performance gains with memory management.

There’s no timeline on when this new audio engine will go live for the public, but it’s nice to see Riot Games give the community an update on their future plans after 4.7.

While we can all agree that audio enhancement for the game is great to see, what other areas would you like to see improved as a priority? Do you still see yourself as a LoL player in the next five years as long as internal upgrades are made?



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