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Half Life 2 Android app support

Those of you who are patiently awaiting for the infamous Half Life 3 release date have something to keep you occupied. To a big surprise, NVIDIA has managed to bring the Half Life 2 download to Android with the app that is now live on the Google Play Store.

Half Life 2 remains one of the finest games ever to release in recent years, and now you have the chance to play it on Android – albeit with a catch. Half Life 2 is no joke and features some dazzling graphics. To enjoy this in its fullest though, you can only play the Half Life 2 app for Android with an NVIDIA Shield handheld.

Remember that the Shield can play any app from the Google Play Store, making it very useful indeed as a versatile gaming device. The exclusive PC games though are the real highlight and now Half Life 2 and Portal have arrived to really give the Shield some pulling power.


So far, it looks like gamers have been loving the re-release of Half Life 2. We can see that the Half Life 2 Android reviews are all flawless, with a very impressive 4.9 user rating so far on the Google Play Store – compiled of over 200 5-star reviews from just a total of 223 reviews so far.

Remember that the app has only been live for a week, so it is still very early days. If you have the Shield you can enjoy this right now.

For all other Android users: Would you like to see support extended to other high-end devices, such as the Galaxy S5, Note 3 for example? Do you think it would be able to run the game?



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