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Godzilla Strike Zone app Vs Smash3

Have you seen the Godzilla movie yet? There has been a lot of discussion on how the rebooted movie is actually worth a watch. Warner Bros meanwhile have been promoting the movie with a series of games, now we can confirm that a second game with the Godzilla Strike Zone app has gone live.

Remember that at the end of April, we told you that the first Godzilla game based off the new movie would be going live, with the Godzilla Smash3 app by Rogue Play.

If you love the movie and can’t get enough of Godzilla, at least you can get your mobile fix between the new Godzilla Strike Zone and Smash3 apps. Both offer varied gameplay, with Smash3 being a puzzle game and Strike Zone being a shooter.

Unfortunately, neither offer what most of you have been requesting the most – an actual Godzilla game where you can play as Godzilla and tear it up. The Godzilla Strike Zone graphics are not too impressive either and you may have been expecting a little more, or at the very least HD graphics.


As far as we can see, it looks like you will have the most enjoyable experience with Godzilla Smash3. One minor problem that you may see with this game though, is that the Smash3 timed levels are hard to complete and may cause some stress.

Have you tried out both games? Let us know what you think is better between Godzilla Strike Zone and Godzilla Smash3. Are you still waiting for a true Godzilla console experience to come?



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