First Mercedes MLC AMG spy shots of exterior

The Mercedes MLC is all set to take the fight to the BMW X6 and while we have seen several examples of this vehicle, the AMG version has remained elusive, that is until now. The first Mercedes MLC AMG spy shots have now been teased, and give us a general idea of its exterior.

We know that the AMG version of the MLC is beefier, which you can see in the spy photos thanks to Autoblog. While it is hard to get a true sense of the Mercedes MLC AMG exterior from these images, we can see that the wheels and tires are larger, as are the brakes and the air intakes at the front.

Looking at the rear shots of the MLC AMG we can see that the aggressive looking AMG-style exhaust tips, which are slotted into the rear bumper. There is not much more we can tell you from the images, although we do know that the engine powering this beast will be the same used in the ML63 AMG, which is a 5.5-liter, bi-turbo V8.

First Mercedes MLC AMG spy shot

The Mercedes MLC AMG release is expected around this time next year, although it will get its full debut at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

I’ve never been a lover of crossovers, and so I find it hard to understand why car manufacturers seem intent on coming up with even more variants. We have had a response from Product-reviews readers in the past, with one saying, “just stop, there is no need for a company to have 20 different crossover models.”

Another reader said, “There was no need for a BMW X6 M, and as for a competitor to the X6 M, it just seems pointless.” We would ask if you agree with these?



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