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100 Ballz Android Vs iPhone original

The 100 balls app for iPhone is one of the most addictive games to play at the moment and thankfully won’t leave you wanting to tear your hair out like Flappy Bird. Initially, we saw that 100 balls was exclusive to iOS, but unsurprisingly we have now seen the first batch of Android clones arrive on the Google Play store.

The biggest clone that Android fans are lapping up is the 100 Ballz app by FreaXator Games. It has just launched but has already racked up over half a million downloads on Android – despite not being the original version.

That belongs to Giedrius Talzunas who has enjoyed great success with the 100 Balls app for iPhone and iPad. 100 Ballz offers the same gameplay experience though, so until the official version releases it is your best bet.

We saw with Flappy Bird the sheer amount of clones that appeared on mobile stores other than the original from Dong Nguyen. In fact, Flappy Bird clones are still appearing each week, so it is no surprise to see a 100 Balls clone so soon, with the developers hoping to get their slice of the pie.

The iOS original
The iOS original

Although it isn’t the original version, it hasn’t stopped users from downloading 100 Ballz in the thousands. There are plenty of 5-star ratings on the Google Play Store which tells you that it is well worth trying out if you want to know what the fuss is about.

For us though, it is all about the original version. Let us know if you have already tried out both on Android and iOS and which app you think is best.

Are there any Android users out there who would prefer to see the same version as iOS, on the Google Play Store? Don’t forget to check out 100 Balls high scores here.



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