TI4 Dota 2 winner in SEA qualifiers

- May 19, 2014

The TI4 SEA Dota 2 qualifiers for Southeast Asia will be decided today and this is thanks to this part of the 2014 The International running between May 16-19.

During the grand finals of the SEA Qualifiers, we saw Arrow Gaming vs. MVP and this match decided who will play in wildcard matches and the winner going on to the main event. If you want to see a detailed analysis of this match, then you should check out the lengthy article on joindota.com that breaks down each game.


We took the screenshot above just a few moments ago from dota2.com, which shows you that the winners of this qualifier and play-in series runner-up have not been named just yet.

The Dota 2 winner in SEA qualifiers – going by the Join Dota match breakdown, we can inform Product Reviews readers that Arrow Gaming will go to Seattle for The International 2014 after beating MVP 3-1. The good news for MVP is they still have a chance in the wildcard match.

You can read about The International Prize Pool for Dota 2 and goal 13 in another article published today, which basically reveals the $6 million target has almost been reached.

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