Hearthstone Curse of Naxxramas price debated

By Alan Ng - May 19, 2014

There is a lot of anticipation building in the air for excited Hearthstone fans who are patiently awaiting the announcement of the Hearthstone Curse of Naxxramas release date.

Blizzard has been notoriously silent as usual on when this will come, but for now the only official timeline for the new content is Summer 2014. We do however have some potential new information to share, with regards to the Hearthstone Curse of Naxxramas price and how much those in the US may have to pay.

Details on the expansion has apparently leaked over in China, with a document appearing to have completely leaked Curse of Naxxramas and how much the new Hearthstone Decks will cost.

If we are to assume that the following information is correct, then we could be seeing a full expansion price of $90 – to unlock every single aspect of Naxxramas. Remember that the first wing Arachnid Quarter will be free, but the other four will require a fee with the last wing Frostwyrm Lair potentially costing the most at $36.

Remember that this isn’t official information from Blizzard though, so don’t get too disheartened about the price just yet. $90 does also seem a bit on the expensive side from an expansion, so we’ll have to wait until Blizzard finally reveals the news.

Our take on this is that the majority are not going to pay $90 for this expansion – that’s a lot of money. $9 per wing seems a lot more reasonable, bringing the cost below $50. Let’s hope that this information coming out of China has simply been lost in translation.

With E3 2014 around the corner we have a feeling that the Hearthstone Curse of Naxxramas news will be coming very soon. Head here for a full breakdown of prices and let us know if you would be willing to pay $90 to unlock the new content.

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  • drifter909

    The people saying that it is too expensive forget that you don’t need each wing the day it comes out. This will be the only new content likely in 2014, so you have plenty of time to work towards 5k gold or whatever they price it at. Just like getting all of the original cards, it took a long time to build that collection it will take a similarly long time to gain access to all of these cards.

  • ksidfh

    i guess 5k with gold but less if you pay cash…like 5$ to 7$ per wings.

  • J1ffyLub3

    5k is extremely hard to save up if you have any life whatsoever. I’ve saved only 2k gold in a couple months simply because i don’t dedicate my life to hearthstone (i think its safe to assume most people don’t). If the price doesn’t drop i’m going to lose a lot of respect towards this game and blizzard

  • eric

    I’ve saved up 3k so far playing everyday not missing a quest since the expansion was announced.

  • disqus_fwbWEsxZVg

    5k is not hard to save up? Let’s assume the average quest gold you get is 50. (Sometimes 40, sometimes 60). And there’s a gold cap of 100gold for the 10g each you get for 3 wins (total 30 wins). So that’s at least 150g a day divided by 5k that’s 33 days. And that’s assuming you have time to win 30 times in 1 day.

    • drsgdfg

      Lets assume you work a 8-5 job. You get up at 7, come home at 17:20 and then cook food and eat. The time is now 18:00. Assuming you need to sleep 8 hours and you spend the remaining time doing nothing except playing Hearthstone you can play 5 hours. Lets now assume you got an impressive winrate of 70%, you then need to play 39 games(30+30% extra games because of the losses = 39). Lets assume 1 game takes 10 minutes. 10*39 = 390 minutes = 6,5 hours.

      • dkgsgsg

        you are ignoring the fact that if you are good you can just play arena and win more gold than you spend to enter. no one is suggesting to build up that much gold 10 at a time

  • Ryan Couch

    I’ve been saving gold from dailies since this was announced, 5k is not hard to save up so I fully expect the price to remain where it is.

  • eric

    I heard the subsequent wins would be released week by week

    • eric

      Wings* not wins