God of War 4 PS4 or Ascension

By Alan Ng - May 19, 2014

E3 2014 is fast approaching and anticipation is building for what Sony’s E3 2014 games are on the cards. There has been plenty of rumors unsurprisingly, one of which is an interesting whisper that we may see God of War 4 on PS4 at the event.

God of War 3 was a good game on PS3, but maybe perhaps not as good as the originals before it. It’s a new era now of course though and fans are still expecting Kratos to show up on next-gen hardware in some form or another.

The latest whispers are that God of War 4 may be due an announcement at E3 2014. We have spoken about the ‘leaked’ E3 document that has been doing the rounds lately, which allegedly has the main E3 2014 announcements for Sony, Microsoft on Nintendo.

Included on Sony’s list and assuming it is legit, is God of War 4. Now obviously it doesn’t take a genius to type out a quick word document so there is probably a high chance that this document is fake.

Additionally though, we have also heard rumors that instead of God of War 4, a PS4 remake of God of War: Ascension may be coming instead. It would be a somewhat surprising move if that did happen given that it would be more exciting to see a new game made from the ground up on PS4 hardware.

Then again, we have seen with The Last of Us Remastered on PS4 that these next-gen ports are still very much in favor at the moment. Is it too early to see God of War on PS4 regardless of this document, or are you hoping to actually see a new game announced next month at Sony’s conference?

Either way, Sony will be dropping some bombs. As we wait for more information on this, let us know what you would rather see between a new God of War 4 game on PS4, or a PS4 remaster of God of War Ascension with 1080p native resolution.

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  • Samo

    Im a GOW fan, and ascension was a disapointment , i hope the new GOW game takes place after 3, hate prequel stores , always go sequel!!

  • Paul B

    Better show something at E3 ! All the PS+ freebies are garbage thus far and I am tired if BF4. Infamous is worthless after you beat it in 6 hours. Been playing great games at a buddies on his xbox one. Titanfall..forza..dead rising..plants vs zombies all fantastic. With sunset overdrive coming and gears of war and halo in the works i think i am trading in or ay least getting xbox one also if i can afford it.

    • miles_lye

      What’s funny is i have an xbox and had all those games. Traded all of them to target (they have excellent trade in value this week btw) except titanfall and got a $100+ gift card. And titanfall is starting to get boring. The real problem is the market is overstated with these games, so the lasting appeal is short.

  • ezra

    we want kratos! in god of war IV

    • KaiKnows

      Yeeeaaahh, but not in the form of a remaster⚡🔥👍