COD Ghosts Invasion DLC release date hope

As most Call of Duty fanatics are aware, the next DLC release is COD Ghosts Map Pack 3 Invasion. We know this thanks to the Season Pass schedule, but what Activision hasn’t announced yet is the COD Ghosts Invasion release date.

We told you in a previous article on potential dates for the new content, with early rumors suggesting that Invasion could be launched on June 3, or if not one week later on June 10.

Remember that Devastation launched at the beginning of April (April 3 to be exact) for Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners, so we have a feeling that June 3 could be more accurate than June 10. Infinity Ward usually launches their new DLC content at the start of the month, and seeing as we are now in the middle of May, an announcement should be coming very soon.

Regardless of the date, we have some exciting reveals ahead, as Infinity Ward will need to follow up on the special field order pattern that is now become a trend with each map pack release. We initially had Michael Myers from Halloween for Onslaught, followed by the awesome Predator with the Devastation pack.

We’re not sure where the rumors have come from, but there seems to be a strong belief that the Alien aka Xenomorph could be coming with Invasion. Some of the more wild suggestions that we have also seen lists none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger himself making an appearance as The Terminator – we’ve love to see it, but it seems a bit farfetched at this point.

As we prepare for the official announcement from Activision and the COD Ghosts Invasion launch trailer, let us know if you think June 3 could be a safe bet for a release. Remember that Xbox owners will get the content first as usual – followed by PlayStation and PC a month later.

What are you hoping to see from the Invasion content in terms of the maps, special guest character and bonus DLC weapon? List your best ideas below!



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