New Gmail UI shock on login to account

By Daniel Chubb - May 18, 2014

This new Gmail user interface will shock if you login to your account and see the total redesign. We have heard that a new Gmail UI is on the way, obviously not in our account when we login today, although this change is looming if we are to believe all the leaked screenshots revealing behind the scenes beta testing.

What’s different about the upcoming update is that it will be a much bigger design change than with recent updates, and in fact the rumors point to a total redesign bringing new features to Gmail along with a different UI. Sadly, this might bring a lot of improvements but they will take a little time to learn if they all land at once, something most users wouldn’t like with an email client.


Google’s new Gmail UI will be everywhere – since the start of April, we have seen a number of rumors in regard to a big design change with Gmail and this will likely be present when you login to your account in almost all locations. This includes a new UI within the Android and iPhone apps, the online website, and maybe even on other devices.

The first screens landed back in April and revealed a big change coming to Gmail apps, as yet this hasn’t happened and the Android app last received an update back in January 2014. The iOS app received an update just over a month ago, although this only delivered “Notifications Bug Fixes”.


You can see the new web-based Gmail UI in screenshots on this page, thanks to Geek, and you can see they are certainly not subtle like we normally get to keep users from getting too frustrated.

How would you feel if you login to Gmail and find this redesign? Would you be pleased with the new features and improvements, or do you want things to stay the way they are now?

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  • Theodisc

    Does this new bizzo make it easier for your NSA to spy on us. What did we ever do…

  • Maddy

    This reminds me of, I hope Google keep this in testing and maybe give us a couple of the features and not all at once.

    • Theodisc

      agreed. I did like it when GMail split the incoming mails to Primary, Social & Promotions, but like he said in the article, it took some little getting used to…

  • tony

    I like the new design, just hope it don’t stay in beta for long.

  • Ronnie Phantom

    Not only is the article long, but it is poorly written and makes it clear the author has no idea what they are talkin about. First you say there is a major overhaul coming to Gmail in the upcoming “days or weeks” then you say it might not come at all. Everyone else in the tech world knows this is likely a Beta test and it probably will not roll out full scale in days or weeks. This is especially not likely given Google just updated the hangouts interface in Gmail days ago.

  • Sue

    The new UI look nice, while I don’t like much change when it comes to collecting email, I’m willing to learn and happy if they don’t change much for a long time after.