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Monument Valley app needs new levels

One of the best new games to try on mobile is undoubtedly Monument Valley for iPhone, iPad and now Android. The Android app has just gone live, along with instant demands for developers to offer new Monument Valley levels.

Monument Valley is winning all of the praise at the moment, for arguably being the most visual stunning app to release in recent weeks. The app has been available for a month on iOS and now developers Ustwo have ported the game over Android for everyone else to try.

The month-long wait on Android is a lot quicker than most other games take to arrive on Google’s platform, so the developers have to be commended for that.

Monument Valley isn’t a free app, however, but that hasn’t deterred fans from flocking to the game and buying instantly. It costs £2.49 or $3.99 on both Android and iOS and while most are happy with the asking price, others have been crying out for more levels.

It’s probably the only downside to what otherwise is a lovely adventure from start to finish. Some users have told us that they have completed all of the Monument Valley levels in just one hour.

The 10 levels that are offered are a pure joy to experience, but we can only assume that more levels are on the way to satisfy the itch on both iOS and now Android.

Did you play Monument Valley recently? Let us know if you are happy to pay $3.99 for 10 levels, or if you were expecting a little more like others have mentioned.



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