GTA V Heists update countdown

By Alan Ng - Jun 23, 2014

How are you getting on with the latest GTA V update? Rockstar finally gave everyone the 1.13 update recently and with it, a large amount of new content thanks to the GTA Online High Life update.

Naturally though, everybody is turning their attention to the next GTA V update and it could be the big one – GTA V 1.14 with Heists. We are now at the stage where Heists is the last planned content for the promised Spring updates, so there is a good chance that Heists will finally be ready with the next update.

The GTA V 1.14 release date probably won’t happen until sometime in June now, which falls in line perfectly with the June 20 Spring deadline that Rockstar self imposed on themselves.

Also bear in mind that it was over a month between GTA V 1.12 and GTA V 1.13 – one month and five days to be exact. We’ve seen in the past that Rockstar like to follow patterns with their updates so theoretically speaking, we could be seeing GTA V Heists around June 18, which is a Wednesday and just two days before Spring officially ends.

Of course, that is looking into it a bit too much as Rockstar could obviously release Heists a lot sooner than June 18. With the High Life update now out of the way though, we can only assume that Rockstar is now fully focused on Heists as the next major release with GTA V 1.14.

Put it this way, if Heists doesn’t release with the next update, there are going to be a lot of unhappy gamers out there – just head on to Twitter and see all of the Heists related jokes if you don’t believe us.

The countdown to Heists is now on and it could land in exactly one month’s time. Are you happy playing through the High Life update until then, or have you already stopped playing and will only return once Heists is live?

Overhyped: There are also many gamers who are saying that Heists has been overhyped, to the point that it may not live up to expectations once finally released – do you believe this too, or are you confident that Rockstar will deliver an amazing update next month?

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  • e

    I want new makeups for guys/girls, I want modifiable length in hair, big beards, a place where you can pay to edit you characters physical appearance. New clothes I don’t give a crap about cars, the more I can edit my characters appearance, the more I have fun.

  • Daniele Alberi

    yes 1.14 gasoline car fuel car yes

  • Prentis Palmer

    I’m done with GTAO until Heists come out. I know R* has delayed them because of all the cheaters, but 90% of the DLC’s they have released have been comedic BS. Not Everyone like playing death matches or capture missions. Now that they have released missions their all low lvl, and not very entertaining they should release a Mission Creator.

  • Sanlirra

    I think everyone needs to give R* a break, they have delivered a masterful story line in GTA V with one of the most captivating online experiences I have experienced for a while. As well as delivering new content on a (generally) regular basis for FREE.

  • II brace

    Rockstar is the biggest joke I have ever seen in my entire life. I keep hearing about heists coming out yet they keep getting pushed back. I can’t wait until watchdog comes out because I will never play this BS game again. F$%k You rockstar

    • thomas

      When watchdogs sucks more…

  • Marcos

    I’m over GTA already. Watch Dogs is about to come out and i hope its better. If it is then i won’t be getting back on GTA even with heists. R* really disappointed me with all this BS.

  • john

    GTAV was a valuable lesson.

    No matter what Rockstar says about their Online game or that features like Heists will be released a few weeks after launch, i wont beleive it

    Unlike GTA 3 and 4 which i waited for a $20 gamestop deal, i decided to buy GTA V at launch for the “promised multiplayer experience” i figured i would play single player and once multiplayer launch i would be on that

    What a mistake. Rockstar ,Online Multiplayer, and the best should never be used in the same sentence

    Rockstar should stick to single player games, which they excell at

  • andy

    therefor it will probably be on june 17 if that.

  • andy

    Rockstar releases new content always on a Tuesday

  • KoKoehn

    The whole game was a bit over hyped. All of there damn illuminati Easter eggs killed the game. And one thing I would love to point out, every time you die your f***ing car gets impounded and there’s only one damn lot.
    Also I heard there was suppose to be a. Online jail before the game came out, but I think it’s a bit unrealistic and outdated that the cops don’t try to arrest you.

  • M Smith

    I’ve said this with every update Rockstar has released. Everyone gets excited and over hypes the dlc and complains to Rockstar that they are taking to long to release it. Then they finally release it and people are somewhat happy for like two days and then go right back to bitching at Rockstar that the game is boring. It has happened with past dlcs and it will happen with the heists dlc. Go to the social club, read the comments, and watch what happens.

  • Keir Boyko

    also, i think rockstar likes f***ing us in the a** saying anything they want to make us believe them, so basically they are telling us what we want to hear not what we want to know. bear that in mind

  • Cole Djent Krasznay

    I stopped playing GTA V. I am waiting for heists, which have definitely been over hyped. I think many gamers are going to end up being disappointed.

    • cbortle

      Yes idiots like YOU overhyped it. NOT rockstar

      • Cole Djent Krasznay

        That’s an intelligent theory and I respect it. But with all seriousness, of course it was hyped by the consumers Mr. State The Obvious. I wasn’t excited for heists ’til every turn I made I heard everyone talking about how great it’s going to be and how “R* needs to stop wasting everyone’s time with these updates and release heists already.”

        • Whattheheck?

          Don’t listen to this guy bro. I totally agree with you that they will be overhyped. Maybe we’re all just hoping for it to be that good so it makes up for the 10 months we waited. You sound like one of the people I’d wanna game with. Have a good one bro.

  • Lee

    I still play gta online its a good game but I do believe the heists have been over hyped now they should of been on the online version to begin with could imagine they will grow repetitive very quickly and the pay out wont be a generous I we thought prove me wrong rockstar!

  • guest1234

    I think may 27 will be the release of the heists

    • superfly


      • Keir Boyko

        i agree, my best bet its going to be released in june considering its still spring well here in canada we do it like this, we have 7 months of winter, 2 months of spring, 2 months of summer and one month of fall.

        • Eric

          Nope only on June not may

        • Keir Boyko

          i think u meant to reply to darius not me

    • Darius Slay

      I think they might release on May 27.. Its whenever watch dogs finally releases and it follows suit when they release things. Which is usually on a tuesday. That or June 17th, which people might think it will be too late. Always on a TUESDAY!!

      • Antoine Borum

        Yeah I think heist is going to come out around the time Watch Dogs is released. That’s there only competition anyway.

    • ray

      how did that thinking go kid?