Foot Fairy app for iPad, not Android

By Alan Ng - May 18, 2014

Those of you who are big fans of the TV show Shark Tank may have seen something very interesting during the Shark Tank Season Finale. An app that can measure a child’s shoe size has become a big talking point, with the Foot Fairy app for iPad now available to download.

What’s interesting is that Foot Fairy is a free app as well, which you may find somewhat surprising. The app uses a different business model to generate income via affiliate marketing, meaning that all interested consumers can download Foot Fairy from Apple’s store for nothing.

Unfortunately though, there isn’t a Foot Fairy Android app release date yet. Like so many other apps, it seems as if iOS development has taken priority. The good news however is that an Android version is thought to be on the way.

On the official Foot Fairy website, here is the statement regarding an Android version:

“We hope to develop an Android version in 2014. Register here to be notified of the Android release.”


Included above is the general guidelines for using Foot Fairy, which specifically warns that the app isn’t to be used by stepping on the iPad – but rather placing the screen up to a child’s foot.

Foot Fairy will then perform its magic and scan the size, then begin with the recommendation process and offer direct links to a retail sale.

It’s a very interesting idea and clever little app. Let us know what you think about this and whether you are willing to give it a try – especially after the appearance on Shark Tank.

Are you in or out on Foot Fairy? Are you specifically waiting for an Android release?

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  • Lisa Bader

    My big concern that doesn’t seem to be addressed is: To get an accurate measurement of your feet, you need to be standing. Your foot expands/changes upon weight bearing. How could this truly be accurate, especially with wide feet? Obviously, you cannot press an IPad on the foot matching the force if the weight of the child nor could the child stand on an IPad without breaking it. Very surprised this question was not asked or addressed.