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Flappy Bird New Season app isn’t real

We knew that Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen was coming back with the return of Flappy Bird and all eyes are on when the developer will bring the game back online. Unfortunately though, the Flappy Bird New Season app isn’t real, despite being listed as a game from the original creator.

It looks like some users are willing to stoop to any length to cash in on the Flappy Bird fame. A new app called Flappy Bird New Season has been gaining popularity and looks like a perfect clone of Flappy Bird.

We can confirm to you that it isn’t real though, so we would recommend that you uninstall the game in case it leads to malware on your device. The fact that this app hasn’t been removed by Apple is surprising though and we have a feeling that they may take action once they realize Flappy Bird New Season isn’t from Dong Nguyen – false advertizing in other words.

What is real though is that Dong is still working on his next game and it is going to offer something different to Flappy Birds. Here is a preview of what to expect from the developer, which looks like it may be a new type of running game.

It is pretty amazing to think that this person has used Dong’s name and released a carbon copy of Flappy Birds onto the App Store. Let us know if you were tricked into downloading it and what you think of this.

Also let us know your initial reaction to the teased screenshot above.



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