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Instagram removes Facebook activity sharing feature

Instagram update version 5.0.11 has brought with it only one new feature, well more of a change to be precise, one that will mean you are less likely to receive as many updates from the app on Facebook, which is a huge plus for many of you who use Instagram.

The reason for this is because the auto-sharing activity to Facebook has finally been removed, something users have been asking for rather than having to remember to turn the feature off in the settings. This means that the only photos from Instagram that you can share on Facebook are the ones you intend to instead of all of them.

With Instagram finally removing the Facebook activity sharing feature, people can be less worried about an image appearing on Facebook that they did not wish friends to see.

We know there are many Instagram users who loved this feature because it took all the hard work out of sharing, and so some of you will wonder why the feature was removed. However, when you consider the millions of photos being shared from Instagram to Facebook, it doesn’t take long to understand why they removed the feature.

Instagram update removes Facebook sharing

Think of it like this, how many times do you look on your wall and see a ton of notifications from friends and family when new pictures have been added? It does not take long before these begin to take over your wall and start to wonder why you really need to see all these images.

Even though Facebook own Instagram, this could be another sign that the two are going to be more independent, which is a good thing because we would not want Facebook spoiling the experience we have come to enjoy with Instagram.



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