FIFA 14 Ibrahimovic in a pack hope

Those of you who are addicted to FIFA 14 Ultimate Team will probably be having a stressful time this weekend. EA has surprised gamers with the FIFA 14 Team of the Season cards for both Serie A and Ligue 1 at the same time.

As a result, it gives Ultimate Team players another chance to pick up an ultra rare FIFA 14 Ibrahimovic TOTS card in a pack. The Swedish striker is rated a 95 with the special card, which is a significant upgrade to an already impressive 89 default card.

However, it is still not better than the 96 Ibrahimovic Team of the Year card for those that managed to get that when FIFA 14 launched – but obviously it’s a nice second best!

The card features some unbelievable statistics, such as 99 finishing, 99 shot power, a 99 for volleys and a 90 free kick accuracy which isn’t bad by any means.

The TOTS card has been live for a few days and we have been witnessing players trying to obtain Zlatan in several FIFA 14 Ibrahimovic pack openings. We have included some of these videos below, from one player who has tried his luck by opening millions of coins.

You may want to know that these videos were recorded live and streamed on Twitch at the same time. Without spoiling we can also tell you that he managed to get some FIFA 14 TOTS cards, but we’ll let you find out which ones below!

Have you had any luck getting a TOTS card this week on FIFA 14 FUT? If so, get in touch with us below with your own experiences, or know somebody that managed to pull out a 95 Zlatan.



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