Far Cry 4 unease for PS4, Xbox One graphics

- May 16, 2014

The Far Cry 4 US release date just arrived for Xbox One, PS4, PC, and last generation with a November 18 US launch, but will notably miss Wii U. The announcement by Ubisoft confirmed a number of things and this include the Far Cry 4 location in the Himalayas, as previously rumored, but the news also created a little concern among select PS4 and Xbox One owners.

PS4 and Xbox One owners desired sole dedication – lots of feedback has been received within the first 24 hours of this news breaking, which included confirmation of players being able to create their own story and path within the game aided by vehicles and powerful weapons.

Quick reactions to the news included “Cross-generation? What a disappointment”, and “I wanted current-gen PS4/XB1 and PC only, so we got the best possible experience”. It is worth noting that the new PS4 and Xbox One are now counted as “current-gen”, with PS3 and Xbox 360 classed as last-gen.

There’s certainly a lot more gamers playing on PS3 and Xbox 360, so it’s clear why Ubisoft would want to release Far Cry 4 on all these consoles. We also see why PS4 and Xbox One users wanted graphics and gameplay focused on the power of their machines, so they don’t see a game developed on “last-gen with hardware that was outdated 7 years ago”, as one Product Reviews reader put it. You can also see the Far Cry 4 box art in the picture below.


How do you feel about Far Cry 4 missing a Wii U release, and of course not being just for PS4, Xbox One, and PC? We’d love to hear if you agree with the statements of some gamers, or if you feel that all generations should receive this game.

We will get to see more of Far Cry 4 graphics and gameplay at E3 2014, during Ubisoft’s media briefing. Ubisoft claim the game will “exceed fans expectations” and “stand out as a top first-person shooter”, so we look forward to seeing if they deliver on that promise.

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  • justerthought

    It really makes no difference if a game has a PS3 port. The PS4 version will be built on a high end PC anyway using a generic scaleable game engine. The generic scaleable game engine will incorporate all the cutting edge eye candy tech.

    All consoles take what they can from the master and are maxed out to what they can handle. It’s just selfish ignorance to deny a PS3 port because you think it is going to affect the PS4 build. Games are not made to the lowest common denominator. They are scaled down during optimisation, not up.

  • Paladinrja

    You guys make too much of what the PS4 and X1 can do. Lets forget that its obvious media sites reporting on gaming don’t want users to buy a Wii U and that the industry in the US is doing its best to keep money on US soil and get Nintendo out of the picture. Thats fine.

    PS4 and X1 are both machines that definately are not improvements upon the Gen 7 consoles. They are more like a swapover. Instead of a lack of graphics facility, you have an over abundance of bandwidth with pretty much the same, if not less, facility for compute. Compute, the stuff of AI and mechanics, something a graphics processor cannot do. So for the stcok standard FPS you are fine in most cases, start upping the game logic (the mechanics) and you begin to have a problem.

    Its high time this is put into perspective and the reason why so many die hard PS4 and X1 hard fans have left the brand to game on Gen 7 and PC. Those that want great graphics and gameplay will find it there, on PC. Those that do not care about the graphics but won’t sacrifice the gameplay, will find it on Gen 7. This is obviously not something that Ubisoft is going to expose and doesn’t feel the need to, simply because the lions share of gamers are on Gen 7 consoles and late Gen 4 PC hardware.

    When there is a game that doesn’t require vast amounts of logic then the graphics bandwidth more than compensates. Then you will see your next-gen, current gen titles. These types of games don’t really account for much and are often quickly recirculated. It is why Sony and MS wanted to bad distribution of second hand content.

    Valve, and actualy gaming company and not a corporate botch job, is about to enter the gaming narrative. This will mean the only two actualy gaming companies in gaming will be Valve and Nintendo. Hopefully with this reset of the gaming industry narrative, it will inspire other actual gaming companies to enter into the fray. Its long past time we see the end of Sony and MS as purveyors of corporatised anti-gaming practitioners that have standardised a practice of non-regulation.

    • Tyler19

      …xbox one and ps4 are big improvements over the last gen lol like for a game watchdogs they had to take a lot out of it on last get over this gen. Thinking they are not a big improvement is just dumb to say. Now im not saying they meet pc standards by any means, anyone knows that, but to say the ps4 and xbone are on the same level or worse then last gen is just completely false.

      • Paladinrja

        Actually, comparitively, Gen 7 consoles were a vast improvement over their predecessors whereas PS4 & X1 are very much looking like hastily put together reactions to the Wii U. Sony very obviously repurposed their failed VAIO line, fulfilling their contracts with partners but those components were never designed for this implementation.

        AMD didn’t stop making CPU’s and APU’s for no reason.

    • PCMasterThieves

      I know, mate. GTAV looks sick on PC. Same with Last of Us. In unrelated news, it looks like PC will be getting a release of Red Dead Redemption (that’s the game released 4 years ago). At least you’ll see what you are missing…GAMES.
      No, buddy, people like me who bought the PS4, are not prepared to sit hunched over a computer with K/M as a way of relaxing and we are not prepared to sacrifice the GAMES that PC players do. So-called PC “gamers” yet the best games seem to either pass the PC by or come out 4 years later like RDR. Haha. Funny that PC pirates will be getting a release of RDR. RDRrrrrrrr, me hearties! Day 1 torrent for PC players, eh?

      • Paladinrja

        Thats pretty ignorant. What makes you think the same tech drawn from the excessive pool of PC purposed componentry, obviously applied to your PS4 is not capable of running your PC box like a console?.. PC is a testbed grade platform in gaming and even a development one.

        My PC is plugged into my 55″ UHDTV through HDMI and operates like a console and much, much more. Console exclusives always release after the gen on PC this is not new. Those interested whom are not already gaming on consoles, will enjoy the game if its been treated well. I also caution you against citing acts of software piracy, if that matters to you in truth, then you should definately not support consoles that utilize legacy x86 ISA’s.

    • justerthought

      “PS4 and X1 are both machines that definately are not improvements upon the Gen 7 consoles.” What? You are stupid. Do you have a brain inside that head of yours.

      Look at the spec. Compare PS4 to PS3, not PS4 to PC or any of that crap. PC have no next gen. They are just gate crashing the next gen party. PS4 is a huge scale up from PS3. Do I really have to go through all the numbers to prove it. Idiots like you are not even worth it.

      • Paladinrja

        Ok minus being rude. I am a IT Software and Systems engineer with electronic engineering certs complimentary, for one. Secondly I have already had a PS4 sent to me for repairs which I do in the remote area I live in as a service to the community. The PS4 mobo is exactly the same form factor and component orientation as the Sony VAIO laptop mbo, replete with the positioning of the HDD cavity and componentry.

        Sony cancelled their VAIO laptops and seems to have repurposed its technology for the PS4. AMD’s APU is their proprietary version of Intels BGA packaging, nothing more. Its theoretical bandwidth is an upper limit that cannot be reached with the kabini APU.

        The Wii U is on the other hand, absolutely adhering to what we are fabricating in the modern age. Its efficient in every way and everything is very close together with only very rudimentary cooling needed, further reducing draw. The HD7850 part in the APU is the equivalent to a 550ti in implemetation and if indeed this is a DX12 featureset then that can only be because AMD included the revision in the APU.

        Now, good day and try to be a little less rude in future.