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Clash of Clans update release time imminent

We have some great news for Clash of Clans players. We told you recently that the Clash of Clans May 2014 update would be going live soon. Now , developers Supercell have confirmed that the update is going live today and should be live for all players very soon.

Supercell has warned that Clash of Clans will be down today at some point. This will be scheduled maintenance and will be in preparation for today’s update.

To give you the perfect heads-up, you can now read through the full Clash of Clans update patch notes here, which has just been revealed by Supercell minutes ago.

Confirmation of the update going live soon has also been teased by the developer, as you can see below – it looks like they are as excited as you are.

There are many new changes to discuss as the patch notes contain vast changes to the gameplay system. You can also see that there are Clash of Clan Clan War stat improvements, as well as a very useful change to allow each base on the war map to be numbered to help you find bases easier.

Read through everything and let us know what you think about the update. Is the Clash of Clans update live in your area right now, or are you still waiting? Be sure to check the official Twitter for the latest updates too.



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