Beats headphones, as iPhone 6 audio box replacement

- May 16, 2014

The reasons why Apple bought Beats by Dre is yet to be fully disclosed, but some people feel that we could be seeing the Beats headphones within the iPhone 6 box for an audio replacement. The desire for such a change will be different dependent on age, type of iPhone user you are, and of course the way you feel about Beats by Dre in general.

We’ve had no confirmation from Apple or any sources that this change will happen, but that hasn’t stopped fans from talking on Twitter and Facebook pages. In fact, some teens are even claiming this as fact and that the Beats by Dre headphones will be inside the iPhone 6 box when the release date lands around September. This is of course just rumor being turned into fact once it spreads between people.

This is what a few people had to say on Twitter “The iPhone 6 will come with Beats by Dre, this is why Apple bought Beats”, and “I’ve heard that Apple want the cool factor with their products, so we could be seeing Beats by Dre with the iPhone 6, new iPad, and even the iPod touch by the end of 2014”. Some Apple fans understand this is pure speculation rather than solid rumor “The rubbish about Beats headphones being included with the iPhone 6 needs to stop, Apple wouldn’t spend $3.2 billion to just get some new headphones with their products”.

Would you really like a pair of Beats in-ear headphones free with your iPhone 6? This has to be better than the standard Apple in-ear option, right?

If the iPhone 6 box will include some upgraded headphones, would you prefer these designed by Apple or Beats? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments, and of course the real reason you think Apple purchased the brand for their future products.


We’ve already touched on the chances of seeing an iPad Air 2 with Dr Dre Beats audio, and published a video below an article revealing Dr. Dre in his studio celebration before the buyout was even announced officially. It will be interesting to see if an iPhone 6 with Beats audio would even be part of the package.

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  • Tim McGee

    Hp and HTC have the Beats Audio built into the unit. Yes I’m aware Beats Audio offers several different style headphones but Beats Audio also has been included as software in Smartphones and computers. Perhaps Apple wants to have their notebooks sound better?


    It has nothing to do with the headphones at all, they bought it for the beats music streaming service as they could never be successful with iTunes on Android

  • Lewis

    I’m not the biggest fan of Beats headphones, but getting some of these branded in-ear headphones within the box of my new iPhone 6 has to be a good thing if it costs no more.