2015 Ford Troller production an ideal Bronco candidate

We know what you are thinking, why would we discuss the 2015 Ford Troller going into production in Brazil, as this really does not have anything to do with the North American car market. You are correct, although there have been a few comments that suggest that the Troller would be an ideal Bronco candidate.

The all-new Ford Bronco concept has been doing the rounds for many years now, with interest in the model peaking on April 1st because of a prank, but there is still a lot of people who would love to see Ford release a new Bronco.

We have seen how many generations of families have owned one, but some of you would agree that what killed the Bronco was the bad press OJ Simpson gave it, although I’d still have one.

2015 Ford Troller production

Going back to the Troller, this has been based on the Australian Ranger pick up, the image you see above is thanks to Burlappcar, and while we know this is the final production model, we have yet to learn of its release date, price or even specs.

However, we do wonder if this will only be for emerging markets or if we are likely to see it released in the US? It is this idea that will no doubt start the rumors that this could be transformed into a new Ford Bronco, although a few upgrades would be needed, such as a strong diesel engine and an EcoBoost option as well.

We have a video of the Ford Troller concept below, and you can see just why some people have suggested that this would be a great candidate for the release of a new Bronco.



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