New Windows 8.1 Store update for May live

- May 15, 2014

Looking to make user experience even simpler, Microsoft has released a new Windows 8.1 Store update for May, 2014. The update will make finding apps that much easier, thanks to an upgrade to the navigation with a bar that will stick with you when scrolling.

You can see the new navigation bar at the top of the new Windows Store design, and following the update it should stay in your view along with allowing you to find apps much faster. You can see a screenshot of the new design below, which reveals a quick look at the layout, bar, and collections.


Microsoft’s new-look Windows Store will not just be an update to the front-end, but also behind the scenes with a dedicated team making sure app collections will offer the best for users. The bundles will focus on sports, travel, music, and a lot more to be revealed over the coming weeks.

Do you like the look of the new Windows Store update for this month? What do you love and hate about it? You will notice the design brings new features targeted at mobile app developers and the Windows Phone OS, which will allow developers to work with all Windows devices better by allowing links to their apps no matter what device.

It is worth noting that the new Windows Store will be available to download for Windows 8.1 users that have installed the May update, so if you are seeing the new design live then share a comment below.

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  • Caviar22

    How do I undo the new update? I bleeping HATE it and can no longer do what I need to to.

  • Harris

    Loving the new Windows store bar, makes everything much easier to find.