GTA V next patch consideration after 1.13 notes

By Alan Ng - Jun 23, 2014

Now that the GTA V 1.13 has gone live with many changes as expected, players are now inevitably looking forward to the next update for GTA Online. The GTA V 1.14 update is going to be next and it could finally give players the Heists content that they have been craving for since launch.

Aside from Heists though, there will be a lot of other changes that players are expecting to see, knowing that Rockstar are now using each new GTA V update to introduce vast tweaks to online mode as they see fit.

As an example of this, just take a look at the GTA V 1.13 patch notes to see the list of other changes that came on top of the expected High Life update content that we knew were coming.

One change that some players may have missed since updating is Rockstar now fixing the exploit where players were able to shoot in their garages. The Rat Loader now also costs $6000 to buy and you may have also noticed that you can no longer get other DLC vehicles for free after Rockstar managed to fix the bug.

The question now is whether players manage to open loopholes again on GTA V 1.13. Earlier this week we already told you that players still have access to GTA V 1.13 unlimited money using a car duplicate glitch – time and time again these appear whenever a new update is out.

Looking ahead to GTA V 1.14, it is highly likely that we will be getting Heists. Seeing the pages of fixes that Rockstar has also added to GTA V 1.13 on top of High Life content though, we want to know what other fixes you would like to see in the next update.

Rockstar has come under criticism lately for not delivering Heists, but there’s no denying that their support team is working around the clock to try and make GTA Online a better experience.

Study the patch notes again and let us know what you would like featured/fixed for GTA V 1.14.

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  • Monkeyboy

    for an update in the future, rock star should add more water sports, miles of water out there and all you can do is swim, jet ski, boats and submarine, they should add sports like windsurfing, surfing, and most of all fishing. you should be able to go fishing at anytime 🙂

    they should do it so you can change the look of inside of your apartment, there all the same, make it look how you want it.

    they should add vinyls for cars and maybe a few neon’s (under car lights) and all the parts you have purchased from los Santos customs for a car you should be able to change them in your garage and a separate space for motor bikes instead of them taking up spaces for cars

    they should add more clothing like military outfits, onezies

    they should add more sporty mission and versus like, basketball, baseball, bowling, snooker, rollerblading, skateboarding

  • BoB’s uncle

    make rooftop rumble and other missions more players as we always have 8-10 people in are lobby together and cant do any mission but crappy races and deathmatches

  • vennybruns

    I would like to see a Mission and Survival creator… also a higher actor count in placement function in capture creator mode, from 10 to more like 25+.
    mini games like poker, spades, hearts,etc… or even pool tables in apts. more arrangement and customizing for Apts. too please.

  • Cpsteel

    I’d gladly wait another month or two for Heists if R* would focus on the freezing issue. Instead they tell everyone it’s a system cache problem, which it’s obviously not. I’ve tried clearing my cache along with lots of friends…on both consoles!! Freezing remains. It is rare that I don’t freeze at least once per session, and 9 times out of 10 my friends in the same session do too. All the people who are screaming for Heists are going to be screaming even louder when they’re in the middle of cracking a safe and their game freezes…especially when it’s likely that some Heists will require a certain JP level to start. System freezing during a Heist and resetting JP to 0 equals a bunch of pissed off people…Great game you’ve created R*, but it’s past time you’ve stepped it up on this issue…

  • Dalton Michael Holmes

    If people stopped with the cheating money and glitches, then r* would release heists and other important updates sooner, but no there will always be people that ruin it for others, its grand theft auto not cheat theft auto..

    • Deranged Pancake

      It’s not fun having to grind for 3-4 hours to get what you want. The money glitch is useful saves a load of time. And you don’t have to worry about your car blowing up because you’ll have the money to pay for it. Don’t act like you haven’t used any glitches since day one.

      • Thomas E. Brewer

        I haven’t used any cheats/glitches But it is ‘gamers’ like you who ruin it for everyone for everyone else. The biggest reason we haven’t seen heists yet is because of exploiters and R* having to clean up those loopholes. If people hadn’t blatantly been using those exploits and posting videos, we players that actually play the game normally would be able to enjoy the game even more.
        I don’t have the money to get any of the expensive items, especially from any of the new dlc, and I am ok with grinding my way to the level 93 that I’m at.
        Thank you though for making R* work harder than they should have and for making most other players wait even longer for content.

        • Deranged Pancake

          There will always be glitches no matter how hard they try to patch it. With every update/patch release they create new glitches which means this game will never be 100% glitch free. If R* stopped trying to patch what can’t be fixed we would have had heists months ago.

        • Dalton Michael Holmes

          Point is stop glitching and play fair, i never used any glitches to cheat my money, and thanks everyone for the likes on the comment appreciate it that other people understand what im saying.

        • Deranged Pancake

          Point is just because you like grinding missions for money doesn’t mean everyone else does. If that’s how you want to play the game fine but don’t cram it down everybody’s throat. I paid for this game I’ll play how I want and besides the money glitch I do play fair.

        • Dalton Michael Holmes

          Then don’t complain when updates aren’t released when demanded

        • Deranged Pancake

          I’m not the one complaining you are.

        • Dalton Michael Holmes

          Im not complaining about the updates im complaining about others ruining the game for everyone.

    • Michael Culverston

      don’t you mean Grand Theft Glitch ?.