Facebook Most Recent missing on iPhone News Feed

By Daniel Chubb - May 15, 2014

The Facebook Most Recent is now missing on the iPhone app News Feed, which seems to have only happened since the version 10 update that went live within the last 24 hours. Apple iOS users are starting to complain about problems finding the Most Recent setting with the iPhone Facebook app, and it looks like the missing setting is due to it being removed.

It is clear this new version aims to make using Facebook easier on iOS, but it doesn’t seem to be that way after ratings dropped over two and a half stars right away. The main reason for the downgrade seems to be related to the Facebook Most Recent tab going missing from the users News Feed.

New features for iOS include the ability to review a post before publishing to see what it will look like and then before sharing you can decide on suggested links. You should find the News Feed running smoother on the iPad and older models of iPhone, and those of you with bad connections or weak signal areas should be able to create a post then have it shared once you get a stronger data connection.

The biggest problem with Facebook app updates – we know a number of Product Reviews readers will state, “when something isn’t broke, don’t fix it”. While others will explain improvements need to be made, but it’s any sort of change that the majority hate once they enjoy using the user interface. We noticed complaints with the recent Android Facebook app update and those changes hit a nerve, so we expect much the same when things make a major change on iOS as well.

We have seen a number of comments in relation to finding the most recent on the News Feed, which seems to have gone missing with the latest iOS update. One Product Reviews reader stated, “Before I had to keep choosing most recent on my feed, and now the option has gone. When looking further into this, it seems the setting is within the menu but I can’t find it”. Another added, “From May 2014, you can no longer change to MOST recent. This is stupid”.


Do you like the new v10.0 Facebook update for iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone? If not, please share the problems you have with the changes in the comments.

In our quick review, we did find the new post sharing feature a welcomed improvement when in a bad signal area with connection issues, but we also found the Facebook app lacking Most Recent on our News Feed and even the setting to change back is also missing. Again, we’d love to hear your comments on this.

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  • Eljay

    Last straw, looking at the same old posts from days ago has gotten old very quick. I think I’m done with Facebook. Why on earth wouldn’t the default be the most recent??

  • MO

    😝 3 day old information on a “news”feed is an oxymoron isn’t it?

  • Elysabeth1

    Pages Feed is gone too. Very very upset. >:(

  • Yolo

    Where’s my my “Most Recent” option!?WTF!?

  • Lukas

    I’m only getting posts from two days ago, f’n FB

  • Sbmargo

    So now FB controls the order in which news feed appears. I want Most Recent back.

  • fraserriver

    I was so cross to find my news feed in jumbled order…..so cross I haven’t looked at it again……I want my news feed in order recieved like looking at my telephone to see who called at what time……I do not want to see stuff from yesterday and then below see something from 14 minutes ago etc etc etc…..very very pissed off…….I may not even use my iphone anymore……too irritating. Is someone off their meds at Facebook? If something ain’t broke why try & fix it????? This is definately STUPID business.

  • Bill Mall

    I like the old news feed setup that allowed you to easily choose most recent or top stories. Now I have to drill down through a few menu clicks just to get to “recent” but if you hit the new feed icon, it reverts back to top stories. I don’t like it.

  • Clare

    What about my close friends list? I can’t find it anywhere 🙁

  • Zman

    As if having to select most recent every single time I open the app was not enough, now they bury it in the menus. What does Facebook not want us to use most recent? I hate news feeds. I miss items in that mode and end up only seeing crap someone commented on the most (like some cute kitten).

  • Kathy

    I have the newest ios version 7.1.1 and I still don’t see the option to find ‘Feeds’ in the ‘More’ section. Does everyone who can see this option on their FB app maybe not have upgraded to the latest version of the ios?

  • Julia

    I have this awesome idea…how about just make most recent the main setting where the newsfeed is a live newsfeed?? Give me a million dollars cuz I just fixed the problem. Come on Facebook!

  • LindaL

    I hate the new update. I always view my newsfeed by most recent but can’t do that now. Get it sorted Facebook

  • DubG

    not happy with this update. i hate seeing posts from the days before, i want the most recent or else i am always going to be behind. why isnt it always most recent anyways? i have never understood that.

  • Suz

    No “most recent” means I’ll stop using it on my phone. Stupid change.

  • Bb.

    Most recent is there. Just waaaay down in the settings section. Very annoying.

    • Mb

      Where abouts way down in the settings section? The last thing I have is help dashboard.

      • Coupe

        Go to more on the bottom then to feeds, click the arrow on the feeds line and viola, there’s the most recent. IT SUCKS to have to do it this way!

        • ml

          Wow! Could they have made it any harder to find???!!!

        • Robin

          On iPhone I clicked more, them settings, and looked all
          Over. There is no feeds. Where else should I look?

        • Sasha L. Gibson

          It’s all the way at the bottom of the settings page.

  • Dj

    It’s pretty annoying that I can’t select most recent…. What’s the point of removing that option?

  • Dan

    Facebookk is dong their absolute best to try and control their users with the latest FB update. On iPhone, which I have, I used to be able to quickly get to the “Most Recent” posts of friends and family. Now, I have to dig for it to view it. Plus it doesn’t stay on “Most Recent” when I leave the app and come back. I have to keep digging into the app and it’s pissing me off. Zuckerberg gave $200 million to better schools in New Jersey and he messed that up. So why not continue to control the users of Facebook. I WANT MY EASY ACCES TO “MOST RECENT” POSTS BACK.

  • MarlaHooch

    I may as well just delete my Facebook app and go web only at this point.

    Apparently they think I only want to see what THEY want me to see. I must not be capable of thinking for myself.

    In addition to that sentiment being wrong, it’s freaking rude.

    FU, Facebook!

  • DeDe

    I want my Most Recent setting back. I wish they would make that the default instead of the other setting.
    I may just have to quit using Facebook. I don’t get to see half of my friends feeds as it is and now they are deciding once again that I have no choice in how I see my newsfeed.

  • It’s me

    Hate the new update. It’s frustrating to continue to see posts from 15 hours ago and not being able to change it to most recent. It sucks and I’m uninstalling this stupid app.

  • Stl dude

    This is awful. The Facebook app has gotten worse and worse and this is seriously just sad.

  • dhdjdjghj

    just deleted it because of the missing most recent

  • David

    Just stop trying to control our preferences, I’m becoming tired of being manipulated by Facebook and am just about ready to dump the whole thing. As others have said, why is this so difficult for the designers to understand? Some of us want to see everything our friends post!!!! Leave us alone and let us enjoy your Facebook product!!!!!

  • Rbrent

    I will never understand why posts in news feed were not ever in most recent order all the time. I only want to see what has posted since the last time I logged on. Why is that so hard to figure out? Isn’t this what most Facebook users want?!?!?!

  • joneg

    Yes I noticed and it definitely diminishes my FB experience on iphone. They have buried Most Recent under “Feeds” in the Setting tab for reasons it would be nice for FB to explain the rationale. Tthis is a problem because it means I will miss many posts by people FB does not deem “newsworthy” by its own secret standards.

    • Aysha

      I don’t have a feeds option in my ‘more’ section on iPhone.. How far down is it? 🙁

      • Sasha L. Gibson

        All the way down by log out.

  • Kaye

    I will never understand why posts in news feed were not ever and continue to not be in most recent order. Those of us who use FB frequently only want to see what has posted since the last time we logged on. Why is that so hard to figure out? If so many want this, why not make the people happy?

  • Chris

    Its still there they have just moved it from the from the top of the Newsfeed, go to the 3 lines (bottom right) scroll down to where it says feeds (just above help&settings) and press the arrow on the right, and then you will see “most recent”

  • Opi

    The reason they like News Feed better is because they can gear the advertisments they want at you.

  • Matt Layne

    Why post anything if it doesn’t show up on someone’s feed immediately? It might be the only thing that stops me from wasting time on Facebook.

  • Chris

    It’s also worth mentioning that clicking on “Most Recent” doesn’t actually change the main feed, but it brings you to another feed within the “More” tab. At least it does on mine. Which is just ridiculous in itself.

  • Kathy

    I don’t see anywhere in ‘More’ on the iPhone app where the ‘Feeds’ category shows. How annoying!

  • Joey

    I just can’t figure out why FB hates the “Most Recent” function so much. If people are on my friends list, I am interested in seeing them. I am not interesting in seeing something from 5 hours ago at the top of my news feed when I know friends posted things 10 minutes ago.

  • Sam

    I found where the Most Recent News Feed is…but now the only option I have to choose is says Limited. I don’t understand this at all!

  • Cheryl

    You can change the view to “Most Recent” by selecting “more”, scroll down and select “feeds”, then click on “Most Recent”.

  • Adam

    I hate the new update, throw as many ads as you want at me, but let me control the content of my friends!!!!

  • Bret

    You can sort by most recent morons. It’s under the more tab.

    • stevedc4

      So, now I have to do this EVERY TIME ??? It isn’t ‘sticky’ Don’t call us morons for not wanting to have to do more pressing and scrolling than we have ever had to do.

      Why the F do FB keep messing with this. Their idea of what I want to read is absolutely NOTHING like my idea. I want to see what my few, limited friends have been up to recently. I don’t care about the ‘most trending’ people in a list of a million like some people do.

      Just make the damned thing sticky FB FFS !!!

    • Joey

      It makes no sense to call someone a moron because they have to go out of their way to see the “Most Recent” information in the newsfeed. The real morons are those on FB who somehow believe that a story from 5 hours ago should be at the top of my feed when multiple friends have posted since then.

    • UWS_CA

      “Most recent morons” isn’t an option for me.

  • Keith

    Why do I want to look at old news feed. I deleted this app and using twitter now more.

  • Angry@fbapp

    Personally I want to delete the app and just use safari. It’s much easier and this app is now worthless to me.

  • manicbean

    WHY would anyone want to make an app LESS user-friendly? Hey, FB, get your head out of your, um, sand, and bring back the Most Recent option on the News Feed!!

  • Dodger

    What in h*ll is wrong with these app developers?!? I WANT MY FACEBOOK APP TO DISPLAY THE MOST RECENT POSTS BY DEFAULT! I just don’t understand why developers would remove such an essential option? Are they brain-dead, or is there some ulterior motive?

    • Hawkguy

      My guess is posts by pages of a product are getting pushed higher or with certain buzzwords for the sake of advertising.

  • Randy

    “Feeds” is not an option on mine. I’ve also looked under each section to see if it was hidden there instead. Nope.
    WHY would anyone care about yesterday mornings post from someone, that I’m really not that close to? Who really prefers “top stories” over most recent?? Who?

  • Danny Dodge

    The Android version does this too… So annoying

  • Allen Jennings

    It’s there by clicking bottom right, going to feeds, then opening feeds and then selecting most recent (what an effort) the great thing (not) is as soon as you’ve viewed the feed it defaults back to news feed!!!! Wtf!

    • Rinny

      Yep, wasn’t terribly hard to find (although I wasn’t happy about it at 5 am) but doesn’t work. When I hit it, ads popped in to my feed but the ordering did not change….

    • Jen

      Whereabout is the ‘Feeds’ option? I can’t see it at all now that I’ve updated it!

      • Jen

        Actually just found it…why they’ve changed that I do not know!

        • LS

          Did you do this on your phone? I don’t even have the Feeds options at all now. Where did you find it?

        • Allen Jennings

          Bottom right select more, scroll down to feeds (just above help and settings) then you may have to open the feeds to see most recent near the bottom!

    • ARS

      Thank you!!

  • Rinny

    It’s as if they can’t monitor actions / behaviors by users on their app (which may be the case but with today’s analytics capabilities I don’t understand how that could be). “Hey, let’s take this oft-used feature and rid of it to push…” what agenda? Why did they do this? I can’t see the logic!

    Deleted the app. Been consideing leaving altogether again because I’m tired of their crap (did it from Dec 2012-2013).

  • ticked off

    It sucks. I don’t want to see thing that were posted 4 hrs ago, yesterday. I want to see the new postings. Thinking about not using Facebook at all. They just keep screwing with it

  • Lynn Christie

    Hate not having most recent button, I use it all the time, not used FB today because I don’t want to read day old post!!! 😡😠

  • Kerry

    I can’t find the most recent on my Facebook newsfeed within the iPhone app, it changed since I updated to 10.0 in May.