Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth weapons and maps

EA has yet to announce the Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth release date, but it looks like we already have the major information that you are after regarding BF4 Dragon’s Teeth weapons and maps.

Just hours ago we gave you the first look at the ballistic shield, which will be one of the new BF4 Dragon’s Teeth Assignment unlocks. Now, we have a heads-up on what else to expect and we think you are going to be excited.

Also coming with Dragon’s Teeth is thought to be a remote control robot similar to the EOT Bot. However, instead of repair features, this robot is going to be anything but friendly, with rumors suggesting it is equipped with a machine gun and grenade launcher.

There’s also additional whispers that there may be two robots instead, one of which carries a grenade launcher and the other a minigun or machine gun – so keep that in mind.

As for the weapons, here is what players could be getting:

Desert Eagle (handgun)
Unica 6 Magnum (handgun)
SIG MPX (submachine gun)
SRSS Bulldog 762 (assault rifle)
McMillan CS5 (sniper rifle)

For those wondering, the information on these weapons and robots have apparently already been spotted inside PC files of Battlefield 4, so it looks promising at this point.

The four Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth maps have apparently been leaked as well. Not a 100% confirmation yet, but we could be seeing Marketplace, Propaganda, Urban Garden, and Waterfront as the four maps. However, again we’ve also heard some conflicting rumors on this with Sunken Dragon, Pearl Market and Lumphini Garden listed instead.

Remember that DICE will unveil the first Dragon’s Teeth gameplay trailer later this week so we are very likely to have the confirmed list of weapons and gadgets by then.

Enjoy this early heads up though and let us know your thoughts on the ‘unfriendly’ robots mentioned and the new list of Dragon’s Teeth DLC weapons and maps

Have you been waiting a long time for the Desert Eagle to arrive in Battlefield 4?



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