Pokemon X and Y for free with catch

By Alan Ng - May 14, 2014

Those of you looking for the latest Pokemon X and Y news may not like this piece of information that we have for you. Over the last few months we have been telling you about certain Pokemon X and Y events that are exclusive to Japan.

Now though, we can tell you that Game Freak’s home country is getting even more Pokemon goodness this year. It has just been revealed that purchasing a new 3DS LL (XL) console in Japan will score consumers with a free copy of Pokemon X and Y.

There’s no catch whatsoever either. Simply buy the console and you’ll get a retail voucher which you can redeem online from Nintendo’s store. The only criteria that you need to know is that this offer is valid all throughout June.

It goes without saying that it would be rather nice if the same offer would apply to Pokemon fans in the UK or US. We are willing to bet that 3DS XL hardware sales in US and UK would increase significantly if Nintendo decided to promote the offer with let’s say – a Reggie ‘My body is ready’ commercial.

As it stands though, it’s Japan only yet again. Let us know your thoughts on this and whether you would consider buying a 3DS (presuming you don’t have one) if this offer for a free copy of Pokemon X and Y were available in your area.

Japan always gets the good stuff.

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  • CD Beast

    You know it is getting so stupidly frustrating the way Game Freak and Nintendo are constantly showing outright disrespect to the US market! (And I don’t wanna hear crap about the UK market as I could care less about it!) Every generation of pokemon see’s ridiculous amounts of events held in Japan while the US gets the snub! They give us no reason why and we just accept it!! I think as a group we should just boycott buying the product and see if their sales really don’t depend on our market as they continually say they don’t!! Let’s not be Sheeple and start having a voice in our game related community!!

    • UKpokefan

      The fact that you don’t give a damn about the UK market makes you just as bad as Game Freak. The events should be worldwide as pokemon is a worldwide phenomenon! Not just constrained to the country of origin (Japan in this case) and the USA. You guys don’t run the world you know, you try to police it but you don’t run it.

      • CD Beast

        Funny but we keep seeing special events and distributions in the UK too and more than we get in the US. Also saying we police the world when the rest of your wuss countries keep calling us to action constantly is kinda asinine!!

    • Tyler Skelton

      I kinda gotta back UKpokefan on this one. I was with ya until you gave your opinion on the UK market. Don’t ask for us to get our piece of the cake because it’s not fair, then laugh at the others that didn’t get theres. The world isn’t always fair big hoss, move to Japan if you want your pokemon.