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MLB Perfect Inning app difficulty too hard

It appears that MLB endorsed games are making a push to the forefront. After the release of MLB 14 The Show for PS4 owners, we now have MLB Perfect Inning for iPad, iPhone and Android which is fully licensed by the MLB.

This means that all of the 30 MLB teams are available, boasting an impressive mobile roster of 215 official players with their distinct character models.

However, this isn’t the main topic that is hitting the headlines though. We have heard a number of complaints recently about MLB Perfect Inning problems from those who say that the Perfect Inning app is simply too difficult.

We’ve also had some feedback on how Perfect Inning is “impossible to win” and that it is very difficult to actually register a hit.

Some players have complained that the app is too hard which prompts users to consider in-app purchases to make gameplay a lot easier. We’ve also seen that pitchers are losing stamina too quickly in the game, giving the player an even greater task on winning.

The graphics however are a strong point in the game, with MLB Perfect Inning looking close to console graphics on iPad. Is this a good enough reason to get past the obvious difficulty barrier though?

There are mixed comments on this over at the MLB Perfect Inning review page on Google. Many echo our thoughts on the game’s difficulty, while others actually enjoy the challenge and state that this is a good thing with so many easy sports apps out there.

If you have downloaded MLB Perfect Inning, give us your thoughts on this. Do you agree that the game is difficult and prompts in-app purchases too early or not?



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