GTA V Online lacks gold paint job

How are you finding GTA V Online at the moment after the highly anticipated GTA V 1.13 High Life update? Rockstar has made a lot of users happy with the new content but one rumor that has proved to be false involves the GTA V $1,000,000 gold paint job whispers.

Amidst all of the known changes that were due with the GTA V High Life update, speculation was brewing that Rockstar were also planning to bring an exciting new feature to the GTA Online mode.

This feature was a gold paint job for all GTA V cars, but at a cost of $1,000,000. The ability to pimp cars with a ‘true’ gold paint job quickly circulated online to the point were many users were disappointed when it didn’t arrive.

Rockstar has even been forced to comment on these rumors, with Brian B saying the following in response to questions regarding a GTA V gold paint job:

“There is a gold paint job under “Metallic”, but it is not a million dollars. Check it out!
Edit: Updated “Metals” to “Metallic”. Apologies for the confusion there!”

What Brian B is referring to there, is that you can get a gold car in GTA V right now, although for a much cheaper price. You can do this by heading into Los Santos Customs and customizing with the Metallic and Bronze color options.

However, many gamers are saying that it isn’t the true gold paint job that they are after and many still believe that Rockstar could be planning to offer this in a future update.

Paying $1,000,000 for this luxury though seems a bit ridiculous, especially when GTA V players have just spent around 3 million buying up all of the High Life motors – the Pegassi Zentorno alone is $725,000.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you be willing to pay $1,000,000 for official GTA V gold paint jobs? We’ll update you if we hear any more rumors on this story.



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