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dEXTRIS app for Android warning

We have a word of warning for those of you who are on the lookout for an exciting new dEXTRIS app download for Android. At the moment, the new app has only been released on iOS, meaning that those dEXTRIS apps on Google Play are fake and could lead to some dangerous consequences on your device.

dEXTRIS is an app that has just launched. dEXTRIS for iPad and iPhone is a faced paced skill game that has been designed by developer Frank Condello and released by Chaoticbox.

It’s already proving to be very popular on iOS, with users loving the speed of the game and testing their reflexes to build up a dEXTRIS high score.

This popularity though has lead to a demand for dEXTRIS on Android and we can confirm that the app has not been officially released on Google Play yet. However, this hasn’t stopped various clones from appearing on the store such as dEXTRIS 2014 free, dEXTRIS 3D free and dEXTRIS Online – Casual Time.

All of the three apps mentioned above are fake and we now have a warning from the developer himself, Frank Condello. He warns that installing these apps are out there to trick you and may actually install malware on your device – which you definitely don’t want.

Those of you who are demanding an official dEXTRIS app on Android may be in for a long wait too, as we have heard that the porting process could take a long time and may not be worth the developer’s time and effort.

Then again, if you make your voices heard and show that the demand is there for an Android version, you never know what can happen.

Let us know if you have discovered dEXTRIS recently and if you have also discovered Android clones that are popping up on the Google Play Store – do not download them.



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